5 responses to “A Thoroughbred to go to the Olympics”

  1. Valerie Burgess

    So happy that a thoroughbred represented. We have two Seattle Slew grandsons. They have both have the biggest heart. Even though one boy has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, he still is so eager and willing to go on a trail ride. The OTTBs have great, loyal, and loving personalities when treated right at the breeder, track, and they receive good diet and transition.

  2. Sarah

    Thrilled to see a Thoroughbred on the Olympic team after so many years!

  3. Mary McLeod

    Excellent news. Bon chance to Boyd, Lynn, & Elisa and their noble steeds! Will be watching with great pride, Mary in Boone

  4. D. Adriane

    Awesome. This horse appears to love his new career, and this career rider appears to love this horse. Sounds like a win-win. Impressive, I have re-trained many OTTB’s for second career’s and they are a truly underestimated breed. Go Blackfoot Mystery and Go Boyd!

  5. Mary K. Evans

    Good luck with your beautiful boy!????????????????????????????????

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