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Hawser in the trailer at New Holland

Hawser exits New Holland trailer for good life

Sonja Meadows reached carefully through the slats of the dingy, white horse van and gently grabbed the lip of the frightened-looking Thoroughbred. Working quickly, she flipped the chestnut’s lip, revealing the bright pink flesh underneath, and a tattoo identifying him as a racehorse. Snapping a picture of the partial serial number, 1-2-8-2, Meadows worked quickly from the parking lot of the New Holland Auction, a livestock facility where horses are routinely sold into the slaughter pipeline. The seconds ticked as she placed an urgent call to California-based Thoroughbred advocate Deborah Jones. Standing in the parking lot near the trailer that […]

Kelly Carlson, DVM, Rood & Riddle

Rood & Riddle’s Dr. Carlson discusses Strangles

How often has a horse-show weekend dawned, and all the planning and excitement fizzles on the mere rumor that a case of Strangles has been detected at the show grounds? What is this dreaded contagion that can cause even the most diehard competitor to withdraw from a show, or send any barn to start serious cleanup efforts and quarantine restrictions? In this week’s Veterinary Answers Q&A, Dr. Kelly Carlson, DVM, DACVIM, of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital talks about disease, and how it is spread. Q: What is Strangles? And, is there a time of year, or conditions, that make […]

Mascot in his European-front stall

To a horse rejected by meat-buyers come riches

Gone is the look of terror, and so too, the tufted, matted coat that once hung on the skinny frame of a quarter-million-dollar winning racehorse who was mere steps away from slaughter. To look at him now, standing regally in his European-styled stall in Florida, Mascot looks more like a prized stallion than a charity case who, by chance, ran into his savior at the New Holland auction as time was running out. Saved on Aug. 6 by A-Circuit rider Melissa Rudershausen, who just happened to walk past the lame, frightened animal as he snapped his ties and bolted toward […]