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She finds funds for ex-racehorses

Amid vast grassroots efforts to help ex-racehorses, Dawn Mellen enters the fray with the very thing that often saves an equine’s life—cash. Her nonprofit, After the Finish Line (, aims to match donors with needy rescue efforts to save Thoroughbred ex-racehorses and broodmares, and do it with a streamlined, well-researched approach. This year, Mellen anticipates aiding 50 Thoroughbred rescue organizations, which have been thoroughly vetted, and approximately 300 horses. “For nearly a decade, I volunteered to help rescue organizations across the United States care for and save Thoroughbreds from slaughter,” Mellen says. “I quickly learned that funding was the common […]

Lukas and Karen play

Ex-racehorse wins media celebrity

Lukas used to be considered a “throw-away horse.” He bucked, spun, reared and spooked, even in his own stall. Today, the chestnut Thoroughbred who limped away from a lackluster racing career on two bowed tendons, is an Internet sensation attracting over a million fans, and coverage on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Inside Edition—just some of the news outlets converging on Karen Murdock’s horse. “Lukas has attracted such worldwide attention,” Murdock says. “We had a million hits (on his site after five months and one week, and his Face Book page quickly drew 5,000 fans. “I think the reason he […]

Johns Bold Battle wins dignified retirement

When Johns Bold Battle was discovered at a New Jersey feed lot weighing 300 pounds less than he ought to, his ribs and hips jutting out from a dull coat, few would have guessed he was likely descended from America’s 10th Triple Crown winner. It wasn’t until horse-rescue operator and dressage rider Lisa Post pulled him off the lot that she began to uncover his lineage. Meticulously researching his tattoo, and other characteristics and traits of the underweight horse, she declared the orphaned equine to be Johns Bold Battle, grandson of Seattle Slew. “There’s a lot of horse stories out […]