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Wendy Wooley plans for natural horsemanship

Wendy Wooley plans for natural horsemanship

Wendy Wooley, the intrepid equine photographer who saw her life change on a dime because of horses, sets some fundamental goals for her horsemanship in 2013. So much good came rushing into her life when she decided to buy her first off-track Thoroughbred, Jag. The longtime rules official with the PGA picked up the camera to capture her beautiful horse in action, and those images wound up capturing the imagination of the artistic director the Spielberg film War Horse. And they also led her to meet her husband Matt Wooley, a well-known equine photographer. See the full story here. After […]

Lisa Suphan crafts one-of-a-kind, horse-themed handbags

Horse-themed handbags are her creative urge

Sitting down at her Brother Sewing Machine, Lisa Suphan lets her “creative urge” propel her toward making something both fashionable, and horsey. Admitting she has zero background in fashion, but a deep tie to horses, Suphan plans to launch an E-Com site next month, featuring many one-of-a-kind and (some washable!) horse-themed pocketbooks. In this week’s Clubhouse Q&A, Suphan talks about her inspiration to build a better handbag, one that can take a beating at the barn, and still look good in all occasions. Q: Lisa, when and how did you start your own company specializingin horse-accented handbags? Very recently! In […]

Melissa and Zigzag Dan enjoy a quiet moment

On a pale horse, an injured vet soldiers on

Army veteran Melissa Valliere insists she doesn’t want to seem “corny” when saying, “We fixed each other.” She needn’t worry. As she describes how a gray racehorse with mischievous eyes comforted her on days so painful it was hard to get out of bed, her story becomes one of hope in the darkest hours.

Valliere, a disabled vet, met her lovely gray gelding on the backside of Suffolk Downs in 2003 as she queried trainers about every other horse except Zigzag Dan.

Coming up empty on a chilly April day, she perched outside Zigzag’s stable door, and chatted with a groom.