After a great run, OTTB blog signs off

Sue Salk

Dear readers and friends:

In November 2016, I made the decision to suspend writing and operations of this blog,

After seven great years, the last two spent in happy partnership with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF,Inc.), I decided to close the blog to concentrate on another blogging venture. (I now tell the stories of successful restaurants for one the nation’s top manufacturers of restaurant products, Boxerbrand.) It’s a change in direction I was honored to make.

But, I want to note that the time spent writing about the successes and obstacles in the OTTB world has been one of my greatest professional endeavors. To all of those who have sat up at night talking with me about their horses, who’ve kept me in the loop on stories large and small, and to those who have trusted me to deliver your OTTB news, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As they say in horseracing terms, this has been a great run! Good luck everyone with your OTTBs! May you have a great year, free of injuries, full of good hay, and a clear path to success ahead of you!

I am now signing off, my friends.

All the best,

Sue Salk

31 responses to “After a great run, OTTB blog signs off”

  1. Tasha Woodmansee

    While no one can take your place, could another person take up the torch, so to speak? This site has been so useful & informative, it would be a shame to lose it.

  2. Susie

    I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write the story about my Blaze N Waggin. He is gone now, but the story that you brought to life allowed others to know that just a “regular person” can adopt a Thoroughbred and live that dream. Thank you for sharing our story.

  3. Laura

    Susan: Say it isn’t so!! Your blog has literally brought me to tears more than once. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done to spotlight these wonderful creatures and to bring awareness and help to those who were in danger. I wish you much success in your next endeavor but know you will be missed!

  4. Karen Bro

    Thanks for the years you devoted to the OTTB blog. I so enjoyed reading your stories. Good luck and a good run on this new venture of yours.

  5. Alex

    You did great work for the thoroughbreds.

  6. Rebecca Vensel

    Thank you for all the great reads. Blessings in your newest endeavor. May the Horse Be With You!!! 🙂

  7. lisa melone

    Sad to see no more great stories about OTTBs and their people. Your blog brought to light a lot of what people are trying to do in aftercare, transitioning OTTBs, rescue, and promoting the breed. Your blog will be missed by the OTTB world.

  8. colmel

    Well, SHUCKS! Sue I loved your blog and I FINALLY was able to get my dream horse – the one I’ve been watching from afar for 7 years – and bring him home to Michigan. I guess I’m going to have to share his amazing story in my own blog. I wish you all the luck in the world. You have an amazing talent, and I hope you will let us know how to find your NEW blog.

  9. Lois

    Thank you for your blog. Good luck in your new adventures. Lois. New Freedom Farm

  10. maggi moss

    So sad to see someone that has simply been the best at bringing light to such important issues. I so appreciate all you have done, and your thoughtful, inspirational writing. You have paid a great service for the horses, and I am so appreciative. I wish you happiness, health and good will Ms. Susan.

  11. Bridget

    Thank you for all the blogs & horse stories, they were inspirational. I haven’t been receiving the emails though for the last several months but did receive this last one, I don’t know why. Anyway, have fun in your new venture.

  12. Susan England

    Best of luck on your future endeavors!

  13. Laurie Hall

    Susan your blog has been a wonderful read and a wonderful journey. I thank you for the time you devoted to a special horse. Tubby Time. You are gifted. Laurie Hall


    Sorry to see you go, but we’ll be thanking you always for your time, your effort and your heart. Always.

  15. Susan Friedland-Smith

    Thank you for your years of service to our Thoroughbred-loving community!
    I wish you success in your next endeavor.
    If your fans/followers still like reading about Thoroughbreds and the everyday equestrian lifestyle (like always having hay bits in your purse and arena grit on your car’s floormats and never enough time to balance work/ride/life), they can visit Tiz A Knight and me over at Saddle Seeks Horse. No blog can fill Off Track TB’s shoes, but there is a passionate community of bloggers telling our day to day experiences living and loving our Thoroughbreds. A few others I can think off off the top of my head are Fly On Over, She Moved to Texas, Collecting Thoroughbreds. We’ll try to carry the torch in a small way. 🙂

  16. kmarker

    Thank you, Sue! Your stories really kept me going in my early years with my first OTTB — and those stories of these amazing horses and their dedicated humans will always inspire me. I even met some wonderful people as a result of your blog. Best of luck with your new endeavors!

  17. Cheri

    So long, Ms.. Salk. Miss you already.

  18. Amy Latka

    You have made a difference in the lives of many horses in the future simply by having created this space for people to read about what an OTTB can become. THANK YOU so much!

  19. tbdancer

    Sad to say goodbye yet again BUT … I hope you still remain friends with us on Facebook and share your horsey and restaurant adventures. (Just try not to tempt those of us who are struggling to lose weight with anything that could remotely be considered “diet sabotage.” Just sayin’). Loved OTTB blog, loved your writing and your wonderful stories. Do keep in touch!!

  20. Susan

    Wow! So sad to see you go Susan! I have laughed and cried over so many of your posts! Will miss them….best of luck to you in the future!

  21. Jill Pflugheber

    Sue, thanks for all you have done. Best wishes for a wonderful future for you!


    If you don’t feel it anymore, then I guess you should stop, but I’m sure all of your stories have inspired loads of people to get a retired race horse. And for those of us who are in the racing world has been a great inspiration and a source of hope that our 4-legged friends can get a new and good life after racing.

    We all know that there are a lot of misconceptions about Thoroughbreds and your blog has helped break down the walls there. It’s still needed so for that reason and because I enjoyed your blog so much, I’m heartbroken, that you’re signing of. For me writing for restaurants does not even begin to compare – sorry, but I wish you all the best, and hope you’ll miss this so much, that you’ll come back!

  23. Brenda

    Susie – Thank you for doing this for the OTTB. Great fun ahead with your new calling, thanks again ????????????????????

  24. kimwfindlay

    Best wishes to you. Your articles have been so inspiring and heartwarming. Thank you for the work you’ve done and good luck for the future ahead. -Kim

  25. Susie Martell

    Sue… Wishing you all of the best in your new venture! I cannot begin to tell you how much your stories have meant to me. I cherish the connection and bond we formed through my OTTB rescue Hope. Your stories of our journey together were beautifully written from your heart as were stories all of the brave horses and those who love them that you have written about. I will miss the blog terribly but am so grateful for all you have shared. Personally, you have left me with incredible memories of my girl and I. But more than that, a new friendship with a person who I respect and admire and who is beautiful inside and out! Thank- you Sue!

    1. Susan Salk

      Susie, thank you so much for these kind words!! It has meant SO much to me, too. And your story & Hope’s is one of my all-time favorites. I’m so glad we *met* through this endeavor, and who knows, maybe we’ll be in Key West this coming January!! 🙂

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