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USC economics prof saves horses

In her professional portrait at the University of Southern California, economist Caroline Betts looks every inch the polished academic. A keen intelligence seems to radiate from her level gaze; and, it’s not hard to imagine this woman earning her doctoral degree in economics from the University of British Columbia, and the years of research and grueling publishing cycle to follow. What can’t be guessed at by examining her academic credentials and course schedule is a different passion, which exists in a part of her life far from air-conditioned lecture halls and international macroeconomics. It is at hot, dusty horse auctions […]

The ‘heart’ to jump 7 foot walls

For a blue-collar boy from rural Pennsylvania, Thoroughbreds were his ticket to an elite world of competitive show jumping that put him and his ex-racehorses on the map. On board his all-time great Thoroughbred Ilion, Jimmy Paxson got to do things most people only dream about doing. Including riding a 17-hand gelding over a seven-foot three-inch wall in 1966 to win the puissance (high jumping) at the Youngstown Charity Horse Show. “That’s the highest I ever jumped,” says Paxson, 63. “That wall started out at four-foot nine-inches and was raised in three-inch increments until it got to over seven feet. […]

Suffolk horses charm new buyers

In just a few short hours during the annual CANTER New England Suffolk Showcase yesterday, roughly 10 ex-racehorses found new homes, while others moved into strong contention for purchase over the coming days. Yet, approximately 70 Thoroughbreds still need new homes, and now it’s crunch time. With the Suffolk Downs racing season ending next month, trainers moving on to warmer-weather tracks cannot afford to take horses who are either underperforming, or cannot run well on other tracks, says Ellen O’Brien, executive of CANTER New England. She explains: “It costs about $700 to transport a horse to Florida. And many tracks […]