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  1. Michael Mager

    I had heard of rescued horses, but I didn’t really know about them…. I was “uninformed”… then I read the story of the rescue of a thoroughbred that had been shipped off for dog food, and I realized the danger of my ignorance in this area. The irony is, my grandfather, back in the teens, twenties, thirties, and forties of the last century WAS a horse trader, and probably made deals that turned thoroughbreds into dog food… I’ll do what I can to crush that legacy….

  2. Lauren

    I have been subscribed to this blog for 3 or 4 years. I have reached out to you on Facebook, but your answer didn’t really help me out. Sometime in September, the daily emails stopped coming. They are not in my junk mail folders. They just stopped. I have since tried to re-subscribe with the email that has received your blog posts for years. I still am not getting them. Then I used TWO other emails and I am not getting them at those emails either. So, in total, three emails are not getting subscriptions. Are other people having this issue? (I see one comment). Is there are way for the administrator to manually enter my email for subscription? I really miss the daily emails and I am baffled to as what the problem is. I am wondering it there’s a glitch on your side. I only wonder that because three different emails are not getting the blasts.

  3. Loren Schumacher

    I may have accidentally unsubscribed, so I am re-subscribing.

  4. David Champ

    I would like to set up a thoroughbred rescue on the farm that I work at .if the place needed repairs could you get a farm loan if you told the bank that you were going to have rehabs and layups as well as rescues too?

  5. Paola

    I also write about OTTBs every so often on my blog.

  6. Shirley VerHoef

    When I tried (3 times) to subscribe by e-mail the link led me to “cannot find this page” Help.

  7. Joell Dunlap

    Susanna is a force of nature. She works endlessly and tirelessly for re-homing OTTB’s. You couldn’t be in better company. IMHO…

  8. Susanna Thomas

    Hi Susan:

    I just came across today. What a wonderful site! Thank you for doing this! I am the Director of the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center at the KY Horse Park. ( The mission of the MMSC is twofold: To educate horses for new careers and then to put them up for adoption; and to educate the world about the value and athleticism of the OTTB. As director, I always am looking to create synergies amongst all like minded groups and individuals so that we can join forces and better help this wonderful breed. Please do contact me so we can look for ways to work together on this. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you. Susanna Thomas

  9. Serena Ceylan

    This website is great! Helps inform people about these wonderful horses. Great stories and topics on horses that have gone from racing to another career. I work at Parx racing (philadelphia park) and I own three off the track thoroughbreds. The two that I have already shown competitvely are just absolutely amazing and do everything to for the rider, whether its me or a 5 year old girl getting on bareback with her father. My third I doubt will be anthing less!
    Thanks for awesome stories!

  10. Louise Ferro Martin

    Your stories are so wonderful. They tell us what people do and can do to save these wonderful creatures who give with their heart to anyone who will be willing to take a chance.

    Thank you for letting me share the incredible experiences I have been fortunate to have, all because of the love of an Off Track Thoroughbred mare, Deena. She is the inspiration behind my work to help save Off Track Thoroughbreds.

    This site will help my friends and family to understand just how important the work is.


  11. Bernd

    Super site ; here’s an email I received from Cheryl about Shining Forever and how she brought her to Oregon from Finger Lakes Retirement . Might be a story worth sharing.

    So to answer your question about how she arrived here in Oregon….I saw the Finger Lakes website, which was full of horses, that had finished their racing careers, and were looking for new homes. I guess she had been there for quite awhile, and obviously whomever owned her didn’t want her once her racing days were over. Their loss, my gain I figure! Once my references were all checked and cleared, I had her shipped across the country. She was quite underweight when she arrived, and it took a bit to get her weight back, but she is thriving, and we are very, very pleased to have her. I love that she is tail female to Something Royal-an excellent mare herself!

    Her 5 month old filly is truly stunning! Independent, smart, chestnut with fabulous conformation, and muscle development. She is the nicest foal we have ever had. Shiner was bred to Kentucky Derby winner Grindstone this year for a May foal in 2011. Grindstone is a son of Unbridled, who was a full brother to Cahill Road (I’m sure you know that), so we are hoping for another really nice one in May.

    Our other mare is by More Than Ready, who also raced and won, who is also in foal to Grindstone, so we are really hoping to change up the racing in this state in a couple of years…

    Thanks for contacting me, it was my pleasure to share her story. Take care.


    Cheryl Weaver
    Cedar Ridge Thoroughbreds LLC

  12. arlene

    This is a wonderful site. Love the stories about the OTTBs. Mine is 20 years young, I have had him for five years.

  13. Shannon Friday

    I absolutely love this blog; I am a huge admirer of CANTER and what they do for racehorses! I am a newly converted Thoroughbred fancier and have myself a 2 year old racebred (but not actually raced due to an injury as a foal, is now sound) filly and one day will also obtain an off track Thoroughbred to retrain as a sport horse. I also have a newly developed blog tracking my progress in her training, as she was only halter broke when I first bought her. She is also my first horse to saddle break, and my first real sport horse prospect, so it is a documentation of my training experience as well. I have already read many great stories on your blog, and not only look forward to the ones I have not yet read, but ones that are for the future as well.

    Thanks for sharing and giving the Thoroughbred the good name it deserves!

  14. Joell Dunlap

    Hello, I admire your site and thought that I might contribute. Here is a recent blog post of a remembrance of a wonderful OTTB we adored:

    I hope you like it.

    joell dunlap

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