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Suffolk racehorse dealt a good hand

It was cold and dark as she walked quietly beside the stranger who led her to an outdoor arena edged by tall trees that swayed just a little in the November night. The filly had grown thin since leaving the racetrack, and it was now feeding time when she was led away from her hay and the familiarity of her barn, and into a riding ring in the middle of the woods. Although the 3-year-old ex-racehorse did not understand the signals Kate Taylor was trying to send as she rode her for the first time, the untrained Thoroughbred was quite […]

Looking out for Legends Way

As the racehorse trembled with colic so severe it seemed he would die, his suffering would actually herald one of his luckiest days. Not because he was in such pain, but because a woman once dubbed the “Angel of Suffolk Downs” would appear and notice his plight. Suffolk Downs trainer Lorita Lindemann saw the sick horse last year while visiting her own Thoroughbreds in the same barn; and she decided on the spot to do what she could for Legends Way. For weeks she assisted in the care of the Thoroughbred, helping to administer medication and spending time with him […]

Wapato Gold sparkles for Washington girl

Wind whistled past her small face as the pony tucked his feet up close to his chest.  And in a split-second, they lifted off— it felt like flying— and then his feet were down again, placing little Cassidy Stobart neatly on a new path. As she wheeled around the ring again, and then again some more, the sensation of lifting off the ground, only for a moment, caused such a feeling to ball up inside the 9-year-old that when she spoke her mind later that day, the force of it exploded in one declarative burst: “Mommy,” she said. “I want […]