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Lisa Molloy has re-homed approximately 700 Thoroughbred ex-racehorses over the years.

How to avoid pitfalls when choosing a t’bred

Lisa Molloy estimates she has re-homed 700 ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds, while working for five charities over the years. And of those adoptions, perhaps only five horses each year did not work out. It’s not magic, she says. The ever-sensible horse trainer from England advises that the best approach to matching a prospective adopter with a deserving horse is practicality. In this week’s Clubhouse Q&A, Molloy, the executive director of ReRun, Inc.’s Thoroughbred adoption program offers tips and advice on navigating the ins and outs of horse adoptions. Q: How does a prospective adopter remain practical when looking to buy a beautiful Thoroughbred? The […]

Cappy and Lord have spent many quite moments like this, relaxing, and hanging out.

He kept his pain a secret, a stoic T’bred

Cappy never let on he was in pain. In show after show, the 7-year-old bay Thoroughbred The Capt.’s Reddie carried his young owner higher and higher, wrapping up their 2010 dressage season with a prestigious finish as reserve champion. Even after Augusta Lord packed up the ribbons and had begun training her fine horse for more, Capt.’s Reddie seemed only a little stiff and mildly unhappy. The Capt.’s Reddie Barn name: Cappy Sire: Saint Reddie Dam: Capt Golden Girl Foal date: April 10, 2002“We started to have minor training difficulties,” Lord says, “and everyone suggested I start injecting him. But, […]

This Bids For You was adopted and returned so often that CANTER Mid Atlantic’s Allie Conrad began to think he’d never find a home. Photo by Allie Conrad

After surviving a wreck, a t’bred rejected 5 times

For the longest time, the full-bodied chestnut gelding with superstar looks couldn’t catch a break. Even on his first day of retirement from racing, the lovely animal was nearly killed in an automobile accident en route to CANTER Mid Atlantic, says executive director Allie Conrad. “We got him in 2006 or 2007 and on the way, his trailer got T-boned by an elderly gentleman,” she says. “The trailer and truck were totaled, and Bid was brought out through a side door for people. He was fine, a little banged up, and upset.” So with that as a start in his quest […]