16 responses to “Race warriors Ea, Hollywood Left retired sound”

  1. Mary

    So glad Ea is retired.I was worried when David Jacobson claimed him.glad the new trainer let him go.he will be a great horse for someone!

  2. Dorothy Miller

    So happy to hear of happy retirements for hard working horses. Laurel Park is certainly NOT “bottom of the barrel”. I’m pleased to call Laurel and Pimlico home and we have top level G1 horses that run here every year. Not every race is a $5K claiming race just like every other track in North America.

  3. jon

    My retired event horse was a $1500 claimer at Atlantic City. That was a bad track before it closed. His brother, which I just lost, was graded stakes horse with 2 records that still stand.

  4. Always Nell

    I had Ea in my Virtual Stable – so happy he’s safe and will eventually have a loving forever home!

    And, hey, Laurel is NOT some downmarket bush league oval – it’s a nice track with some fine trainers, jockeys, and owners. Just sayin’ 😉

  5. Christine Carroll

    I don’t think it was meant that Laurel was a bad track She was stating he was running for little money ..the trainer who claimed Ea got him from Jacobsen..and yes there are good guys at Mountaineer too. Craig Cox could have sold Hollywood,but called me instead to retire him.

  6. Nancy Tague

    Thrilled for both these horses — but, c’mon, Laurel Park is NOT the “bottom of the barrel.”

    1. jon

      Penn, Charlestown, Thistle Downs and Mountaineer are bad lower level tracks. But there are trainers at those tracks that have hearts too.

  7. Delrene in Carlsbad, Ca.

    Congratulations to these wonderful boys. Sounds like they had wonderful trainers and a terrific life ahead of them. Well done!!!

  8. Lisa Melone

    So glad to see these guys retired, sound no less, after long careers. Happy days ahead for them at TRAC!

  9. Janna Brown

    Bravo! In my experiences with the OTTB, these “older” gentlemen coming off the track sound is an indication of just how savvy they are – they took good care of themselves, which is a smart horse to have in your corner (or under your tack)!

  10. Susan Crane-Sundell

    A story of cooperation with a great outcome. Two trainers being reasonable, a great OTTB organization that knows how to welcome and reorient and rehome OTTBs, and two happy horses. These two boys are living the good life now!

  11. halchka

    Just crying from joy; thank you to trainer Craig Cox and other unnamed trainer! You are true Men & to me, Heroes for not wanting to absolutely make that last buck but giving back to the horse.
    Bless you and may karma reward you.
    Of course I will not forget Barbi Moline. XX

  12. Ann Marini

    The racing industry sends about 18,000 Thoroughbred race horses to slaughter every year. According to Dr. Patty Hogan, this amounts to one-half of the annual foal crop.

    1. Arnette Shane

      Last year’s crop was just over 24,000 foals, so I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers.

    2. jp

      Where do these slaughter numbers come from?..I think they are grossly inflated.
      2013 foal crop is as Arnette said around 24,000. Foal crops have declined from around 50,000 to present levels over the past 5-6 years. I believe that while the slaughter numbers are higher than anyone would like them to be, they are not close to the number quoted.

  13. Greg Jones

    Bravo to Barbi and all involved! Now THIS deserves a #FullStoryPETA! Barbi, hope Pitched Perfectly is doing great.

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