Suffolk Downs announces huge park design

The green oasis proposed by Thoroughbred racetrack Suffolk Downs

The green oasis proposed by Thoroughbred racetrack Suffolk Downs.

Suffolk Downs, the Boston-based Thoroughbred racetrack currently seeking a casino license, announced this week a sweeping plan to revitalize the concrete landscape surrounding its historic facility with a 40-acre green space, which would be developed should a casino license be granted.

Caesars Resort at Suffolk Downs, its landscape architect Sasaki Associates and architect of record Elkus Manfredi unveiled their vision for a resort design that will restore many of the original natural environmental features of the property, while improving water quality in the area and committing to a sustainable/green design, officials stated in a press release.

Chip Tuttle, Chief Operating Officer of the racetrack where Seabiscuit once ran, stated in a press release that the concrete grounds surrounding the facility would be transformed with a landscape design investment of between $10 and $15 million, ultimately resulting in a lush oasis that offers “more green than the Boston Common.”

“Our landscape design is both restorative and transformative, creating an ecological experience that our guests, neighbors and the public can enjoy,” Tuttle states in a March 6 release. “One of the advantages of a 161-acre site is that, in addition to the one-mile racetrack and infield, we can create 40 acres of open space for public use and connect our development to neighboring recreational areas.”

He adds, “As we work to set the standard for gaming development in Massachusetts, Caesars Resort at Suffolk Downs aspires to create a new level of excellence in sustainable design for gaming development projects in the U.S.”

To attain the goal of LEED Gold certification, which is awarded to developments that incorporate environmental sustainability to designs, Caesars at Suffolk Downs is pursuing several green initiatives, including solar panels, rain water harvesting, and possible anaerobic digestion of the project’s projected waste streams, the press release stated.

Green initiatives include the following:

  • Photovoltaics  (Solar Panels) – Being evaluated for a 1.5-2.5MW Solar PV array.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – Also known as cogeneration, is being analyzed for use in the lighting, heating and cooling of the project site.
  • Rain Water Harvesting – The project will be capturing and reusing rainwater from the facilities’ roofs.
  • Anaerobic Digestion – The resort’s projected waste streams are being analyzed to determine the potential for supporting either an onsite or offsite anaerobic digestion system.
  • Geothermal – A review of the recently completed site geotechnical report is underway to evaluate the feasibility of geothermal energy.
  • Rooftop Garden – The project team is studying the viability of installing rooftop hydroponic garden greenhouses that act as a green roof and have the ability to produce fresh herbs and vegetables for the resort’s restaurants directly on site.


5 responses to “Suffolk Downs announces huge park design”

  1. Partnership

    Myself, I hope that Suffolk and Caesars get the casino license. While I do not gamble I can only imagine that it will bring work while building and then jobs to the area when it is complete. Heck. I already have my interest in with them for a position should this puritan state get out of the dark ages and move forward.
    Suffolk Downs has been a major help in keeping horses safe from the perils of slaughter and should be commended. I do not see anything changing with the casino potentially getting built.

  2. John Brown

    Caesars is developing good will so it can get permission to do something that they expect to make money. It is a good thing. Going green creates benefits for Caesars, their customers and the neighbors.

    It would be wonderful if Caesars would want to appeal to those of us concerned with the welfare and second careers of the horses. You know like “Caesars Resort at Suffolk Downs pledges 4% of profits to counselling owners and trainers how to avoid breakdowns and the resulting bad publicity and 6% to racehorse rehoming organizations and 2% to TB specific horse shows.”

    Any ideas how we might heighten awareness of the contribution of the horses and the need to take care of them?

  3. fran

    Love the gas tanks hiding behind the trees! So, this is the perspective from 1A? Did they greenify the barn area too or are the horses still in a concrete jungle? Or, maybe the better question is, are the horses still there?

    Where will racegoers (and casino patrons) park?

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