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  1. devyn

    I am glad I can find an organization that helps these horses out.. so often people judge ex racers as being high strung and uncontrollable when in most cases they turn out to be the best loving horses you can ask for. I know thats the case with my 5 year old thoroughbred, she hit the rail once when racing and it ended her career due to her leg developing a slight mass over the wound which does not affect her at all; she has been and always will be the most loving horse I have ever owned and the prettiest 🙂 God Bless you!

  2. Susan Silva

    Have dealt with OTTBs for years, they’re by far my favorite horse to deal with! Now I have one OTTB mare, have had her for five years, love her to death, can’t imagine life without her. I don’t always agree with the treatment they receive at the track, even though I have friends that breed and race. But I always love to take one off the track and make them feel special! They are special and deserve to know it! I found this site by accident and am thrilled to join and be a part of it!! Thank you for putting your time and energy into this worthy cause 😉


  3. Sarah

    Love to see these stories! I also run my own Re-homing racehorses from track to new homes as well as pick up from local auctions and feed lots in the So. Calif area!

  4. Deb Wagner

    I’m so happy I’m subscribed to the off track thoroughbreds. I’m hoping to learn new things about my gelding….

  5. Robin Coblyn

    Hurray it worked! so far

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