Secretariat’s giant shoe replica on display in Va.

Secretariat's great-great grandson ATM Machine poses next to the giant replica of the Triple Crown winner's shoe.

Secretariat’s great-great grandson ATM Machine poses next to the giant replica of the Triple Crown winner’s shoe.

Secretariat left some big shoes behind.

Including a six-foot tall exact replica of the great Triple Crown winner’s shoe so gargantuan that it holds the Guinness Book world record as the largest horseshoe ever made.

The shoe, which ordinarily resides at the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville, has been trucked to Secretariat’s famous birthplace, The Meadow, and will be on display from Sept. 23 through to spring 2017.

The 610-pound object, crafted from aircraft aluminum by Eagle Sign & Designs, Inc., of Louisville, evokes the impact of a horse who electrified a nation, and brought hope and joy as he accomplished what few believed could be done. Like the big shoe itself, Secretariat’s legacy was larger than life, states Penny Chenery, Secretariat’s owner, in a press release.

“The enormity of this shoe symbolizes the impact of Secretariat on Thoroughbred racing and horse lovers everywhere,” Chenery said. “I am delighted that the World’s Largest Horseshoe will be on display at Secretariat’s birthplace in Virginia during the 80th anniversary of Meadow Stable.”

Chenery’s father, Christopher T. Chenery, founded Meadow Stable in 1936.

And since the great red racehorse swept the Triple Crown in 1973, the fabled birthplace has attracted fans and tourists from around the globe.

As an added inducement this year, the horseshoe will commemorate the annual “Salute to Secretariat” tribute during the State Fair, which runs from Sept. 23 to Oct. 2.

In addition to the shoe, festivities include meet and greet with local Secretariat descendants on September 24-25 and October 1-2, as well as tours of Meadow Hall with its historic galleries, says Leeanne Ladin, Secretariat Tourism Manager of The Meadow.

A life-size poster of the famous champion will be on hand for “Selfies with Secretariat” opportunities, and tours of the original barn, now listed on the state and national historic registers, will be offered.

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  1. Kathy

    ATM Machine is stunning! It’s interesting to see both Secretariat and Angle Light in his pedigree. Do you know if he’s being shown?

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