Painting horse is ready for his closeup, dahling

Metro Meteor, a graded stakes winning racehorse who learned to paint, may find his star in Tinsel Town.

Metro Meteor, a graded stakes winning racehorse who learned to paint, may find his star in Tinsel Town.

In the latest adventures of Metro Meteor, the ex-racehorse turned abstract painter, our hero follows his path to Tinseltown.

And if the stars align, the bay Thoroughbred, in his trademark paint-splattered halter, will wave his paintbrush like a magic wand to be captured for all eternity in documentary film, and possibly a Hollywood production about his astonishing life.

“This was always my goal for Metro,” says owner Ron Krajewski, a portrait artist who taught his Thoroughbred to hold a paintbrush in his teeth and create abstracts with acrylic paint. “He’s had to overcome so much in his life, and has achieved amazing things. I think a lot of people would love to see Metro’s story on the silver screen.”

His story has already graced the small screen throughout the United States.

Race name: Metro Meteor
Sire: City Zip
Dam: Here Comes Nikki
Foal date: March 13, 2003
Earnings: $299,420
The multiple stakes placed New York bred began appearing in newscasts and newspapers across the country years after his race career ended following 27 races and $300,000 in earnings. Shortly after Krajewski adopted Metro from New Vocations Thoroughbred Adoption in 2009, he discovered Metro required expensive veterinary care. And in a stroke of inspiration, Krajewski wondered if his horse’s natural tendency to bob and swing his head could be incorporated in the creation of art. If Metro could hold a paint-dipped paintbrush and swing and bob it near canvas, the crazy idea had merit, he thought.

So he taught the bay gelding to hold a paintbrush in his teeth.

Ron and Wendy Krajewski and Metro pose for a family portrait.

Ron and Wendy Krajewski and Metro will be interviewed for the film about Metro’s life.

After a few tentative strokes, Metro went on to paint hundreds of original works, and earn so much through sales of the pieces that he has donated roughly $80,000 to help other horses at New Vocations.

Metro’s story has been told and retold across the USA, and in a book by Krajewski and coauthor Susy Flory. After publishing Painting with Metro, the book was optioned by actor/producer Joe Egender and director Joel Pincosy. And along with cinematographer Luke Geissbühler, the trio has raised 72 percent of the necessary seed money to begin filming.

Through Kickstarter, the group has raised $16, 661 of their $23,000 goal.

Once funds are in hand, the plan is to film Metro at work, and to weave in interviews with Metro’s owners and footage from Metro’s racing days.

“The goal is to start filming in September and create a documentary they can bring to film festivals,” Krajewski says. “At the same time, they’re working on a script for a feature film that would be in the same vein as the movie Marley and Me. This would be used to approach movie houses.”

In a statement on the Kickstarter campaign, the filmmakers note that Metro’s life with Krajewski has been nothing short of inspirational.

“There is something beautiful and visceral in watching horses—whether they are racing the track, galloping around the pasture, playing with other horses, or even putting paint on a canvas,” the filmmakers state. “ Last year, over 166,000 retired American horses were sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. In order to help bring that number down, Ron and Metro give half of their proceeds to racehorse adoption programs. This short documentary will bring more attention to the plight of the many racehorses in need of a new home and a new purpose.”

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  1. Tonya Lafarr

    That is such an amazing horse, Metro has overcome health issues and lives to do what he loves. Painting. A film about him is such an honor bestowed upon him. Can’t wait until the day it comes out. More awareness to the plight of OTTB’S .

  2. Mary McLeod

    Three whinnies and high hooves to Metro and Ron! I proudly wear my Metro t-shirts and display my Metro art. Have the book and the coloring book, and look forward to tackling each. Will be in the audience when Metro appears on the Silver Screen. Thanks to Metro, Ron, Wendy, connections, and supporters for helping to divert those in need from that awful pipeline. Love to ALL, xoxo, Mary in Boone

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