7 responses to “Calif. cops lining up to buy OTTBs; calm partners”

  1. Glenys McNally

    Great story. Keep us up to date about the OTTB’s and further equine additions in mounted police units.

  2. Cynthia Minchillo

    Love it!!

  3. LA Stafford

    Thank you for this story. Coming from a Police family and growing up in Elmont, home of Belmont, and worked at the track in the backstretch, I can understand why the horses do this so well. They might remember the cheering throngs of the crowd, the pampering, the attention. They may have liked it. Secretariat was known to have immediately started posing whenever a camera started to click in his retirement.

  4. R.A.C.E. Fund, Inc.

    What happens to these horses when they can no longer be used for police work?

    1. Nicole Russell

      Per one of our local mounted PD officers, the procedure for our department is to contact the person that donated the horse, and if they do not want the horse back, they have a file of people interested in taking a retired police horse.

  5. gerda silver

    this is close to my heart as my own TB served in the PD Eisenhower Park NY for 10 years, upon his retirement he came back to live out his years with me in VT. Thank you Susan for this story,

    1. Susan Salk

      Gerda, that’s fantastic. I would love it if more police would consider a trained OTTB. In California, Julie Baker is noticing that it’s horses who’ve been turned out in a herd who seem to have the mentality for the stress of police work. Interesting. 🙂

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