Boy saves doomed T’bred with birthday cash

Brandon, 9, of Ontario donated his birthday cash to save doomed Thoroughbred Karazan from slaughter.

Brandon, 9, of Ontario donated his birthday cash to save doomed Thoroughbred Karazan from slaughter.

A freckle-faced boy with a shock of red hair pledged his birthday money last August to save a doomed chestnut Thoroughbred from the Canadian slaughter pipeline when nobody else would.

Brandon, 9, of Ontario says he couldn’t bear the thought of the pretty ex-racehorse, whose looks reminded him of his own, going to slaughter. So after his mother MJ Allen explained to him that 17-year-old mare Karazan has been purchased by a meat buyer and would likely go to the slaughterhouse, he asked her to spend his birthday money to save her instead.

“I did it because nobody else was going to buy her,” Brandon says. “And I saw her hair was the same, exact color as my hair. And I wanted to save her because I love horses.”

His offer floored his mother, who was so proud of her son’s generosity and compassion that she cobbled together $650 with the help of some friends and purchased the mare from an online site that offers horses who have already been sold to a meat seller, a last chance to go to a willing buyer.

Sire: Kayrawan
Dam: Regents Glory
Foal date: April 1, 1998
Allen explains: “I recently found out about this website, Need You Now Equine, and I was watching this mare Karazan because nobody seemed interested in her. My son noticed and asked what I was doing, and when I explained it to him, that’s when he said, ‘Mummy, my birthday’s coming up. Just give my birthday money to them. I don’t want the horse to die.’ ”

A few days later, the Ontario mother announced she had a surprise for Brandon. “I thought I was in trouble,” says Brandon. But, the news was much better: Karazan had been saved from slaughter. And better still, the horse was now his!

Brandon noticed the horse was the same color as his hair!

Brandon noticed the horse was the same color as his hair!

“When I told him the horse had found a home he started jumping up and down,” Allen says. “And then I said, ‘She’s yours!’ and he went nuts.

In late August, a couple of weeks before he turned 9, the best birthday present of his life rolled down the driveway.

After years of begging for a horse of his own Brandon got his wish on Aug. 22, and Karazan got hers, too.

“Karazan’s already spoiled,” says Allen, who notes that she has given her son beautiful rides on their small horse farm, where Brandon and Karazan will create lifelong memories.

“She’s his best friend. He’s always out grooming her and whenever he feels down, he walks out into the field with carrots in his hand to talk to his new buddy,” Allen says. “They’re a perfect match; She was meant to be with him.” — Originally published on March 2, 2015.

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  1. Linda Dudine

    This young man will grow up to do great things! Thank you for stepping up to the plate and saving this beautiful equine!

  2. Ann

    What a thoughtful lad you are Brandon. You are one in a million.

  3. lexi63

    WHAT A WONDERFUL BOY THIS IS , he has saved a life , at such a young age to show such compassion to an animal, his mother should be very proud of him & what he has done to save this sweet horse . THANK YOU BRANDON FOR CARING ABOUT ANOTHER BEING THAT NEEDED YOUR HELP , YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL.

  4. Linda Beck

    Kindness is it’s own reward, and you will be rewarded 1000 times over????

  5. Curtis

    Still are best friends and always will be.

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