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Ruby, a 20-year-old mare, was rescued two years ago from a meat buyer. Last month, the young girl who rescued her saddled her up and found the out-of-shape mare has the makings of an ideal Hunter.

Black mare repays girl who promised to save her

A beautiful black mare saved from slaughter two years ago by a girl who tearfully begged a meat buyer to release his claim on the horse, has recently shown her devotion to the girl in spades. Last month, after spending years out to pasture, and a lifetime as a broodmare, the mysterious horse who has been tentatively identified as Bag O Glitter accepted without a qualm the weight of young Emma Myruski, who clambered onto her back with a heart brimming with trust. “Some people would call my daughter reckless for what she did,” says Emma’s mother and Thoroughbred advocate Kay O’Hanlon […]

Nicki Wheeler of the TRF presents the high-point award to Turbo Pup and rider Kim Klocke.

Victory is sweet for one-time ugly duckling

Turbo Pup, a one-time ugly duckling who never won a race, was named a high-point winner at a dressage show last weekend, a victory that underscores what his owners/breeders have said for years: horses off the track make excellent sport horses. Holly and John Steinmeyer, who bred and own Turbo Pup, campaigned their regally bred gelding as a 3 year old, but he showed little speed and sustained an injury early on, Holly Steinmeyer says. Although he was brought back to racing after a long rehab, the couple soon realized this racehorse, who was born quite scrawny and unattractive before […]

Open Zipper, heavily pregnant and crippled, was bought back from a meat buyer last month.

Crippled, pregnant mare spared; not her time

A heavily pregnant and crippled Thoroughbred mare, who was bought back from a meat buyer last month but still faced an uncertain future, is doing so well that her rescuers are now expecting her to survive and live a full life. Gerda Silver of Gerda’s Animal Aid says that all talk of euthanizing OTTB mare Open Zipper has ended in the face of a new development. The animal, once thought to be so crippled that she could barely walk without risking a fall, has shown that she can in fact walk confidently enough to be considered pasture sound, Silver says. […]