Black mare repays girl who promised to save her

Ruby, a 20-year-old mare, was rescued two years ago from a meat buyer. Last month, the young girl who rescued her saddled her up and found the out-of-shape mare has the makings of an ideal Hunter.

Ruby was rescued two years ago from a meat buyer. Last month, the young girl who rescued her saddled her up and found the out-of-shape mare has the makings of an ideal Hunter. Photos by Kay O’Hanlon Myruski

A beautiful black mare saved from slaughter two years ago by a girl who tearfully begged a meat buyer to release his claim on the horse, has recently shown her devotion to the girl in spades.

Last month, after spending years out to pasture, and a lifetime as a broodmare, the mysterious horse who has been tentatively identified as Bag O Glitter accepted without a qualm the weight of young Emma Myruski, who clambered onto her back with a heart brimming with trust.

“Some people would call my daughter reckless for what she did,” says Emma’s mother and Thoroughbred advocate Kay O’Hanlon Myruski of Goshen, N.Y. “She didn’t tell anybody what she was doing. She went out to the field, brought that mare in, put her on the cross ties, cleaned her up, put a saddle and a bridle on her, and having no idea that the mare would be anything but a good girl for her, she led her up to a mounting block and got on her back. She didn’t lunge her first. And they did this out in a field. That mare did not give a buck, not a bolt—nothing.”

Emma has found her mysterious auction horse is showing early promise as a Hunter.

Emma has found her mysterious auction horse is showing early promise as a Hunter.

Nothing except a careful ride to the youngster who promised she wouldn’t leave the Unadilla Auction in New York without her. Though the mare they’ve nicknamed Ruby looked nothing like the kind of horse who would attract a young girl, her long matted mane and lumpy legs were overlooked as Emma stared straight into her docile eyes two years ago and saw desperation. Emma kept watch on the OTTB that day at the dusty, hot auction house, petting her, feeding her bits of hay, and promising the animal she’d “get her out.” Please see earlier story here:

But when the Emma left her side briefly, she returned to find her gone, sold to a meat buyer readying to ship her to a Canadian slaughterhouse.

Myruski recalls, “As soon as Emma found out she’d been sold to a kill buyer she started crying hysterically. So a friend of mine, who also volunteers at the auction, approached the kill buyer. Luckily he was one of the ones who is very nice to us, and my friend explained that there was a little girl in tears who wanted the mare. He just kind of shook his head, and let us have her.”

Ruby (JC: Bag O'Glitter) approaches the fences in a slow, rhythmic style.

Ruby approaches the fences in a slow, rhythmic style.

And they whisked her away to the Myruski’s N.Y. farm, where Ruby joined a herd of rescue horses.

“Emma used to ask me all the time about riding her,” Myruski says. “But I was very skeptical that she’d be good for riding. I figured she was a used-up broodmare who’d only ever been turned out to pasture, and she looked like she’d never had a brush or comb run through her coat. I didn’t even know if she was sound for riding.”

But her daughter, who she often describes as her “little horse whisperer” had no such qualms.

And since taking that first renegade ride, the dark bay OTTB, who they believe is Bag O’ Glitter, has proven more deserving of the name “Bag O Gold,” Myruski says.

Riding two or three times a week, Emma is training her rescue horse to be a Hunter. And the older girl is obliging in every way. From offering a slow, steady canter up to the fence, to nailing her lead changes, Bag O’ Glitter is proving to be a horse of unexpected talent.

“We hit the jackpot with her,” she says.

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  1. Gerie Owens

    i’m confused.. bag o glitter was born in 2006 yet this mare is 20 yrs old… should be 10 if bag o glitter… she looks great regardless

  2. Jon

    The mare knows who her savior is and is paying it back to her person.

  3. bpaschka

    Thank you for the follow up story. I always wondered how that relationship bloomed after the first story you posted. Thank you.

  4. gerda silver

    Emma, I am so proud to know you…YOU are the future and are much needed in the world!

  5. Julie

    What a amazing young girl, you have a beautiful horse keep up great

  6. louise martin

    You are an angel, Emma! Thank you for rescuing your mare and bringing her home where she belongs! You and your beautiful girl will go on to do wonders! God bless the both of you!

    And Susan thank you for another encouraging, heartwarming story!! <3 <3

  7. Cammie

    So happy for you….we rescued a quarter horse cross 16 years ago …..he was 2 yrs old being loaded on a trailer headed for Canada…. We call him chuckwagon….. He has won 3saddles….16 belt buckles…. Qualified for worlds every year in youth and or open….. This past season he was the mavrics state champion with my 9 year old daughter….. He is by far one of the best horses I’ve ever owned….. Love can do amazing things

  8. Stephanie Morse

    Great job!! Keep it up – wishing you and your girl all the best luck for the future.

  9. Erica

    Beautiful! We need more people like this sweet girl!,

  10. Dory Munder

    Beautiful seat, Emma, and beautiful mare! Much love to you both on your journey together!

  11. Marie Moran

    Emma, you have learned a very wonderful lesson in life!

  12. Emma

    Beautiful story!

    Just one thing I have a question about. Bag O’ Glitter was born in 2006 and never had a foal, are they certain they have the right name? I thought they were under the impression that she was Lady Daisy (1997 dkb/br mare).

  13. lexi63

    LOVE THIS GIRL, LOVE THIS HORSE – LOVE PEOPLE WHO SAVE OUR PRECIOUS ANIMALS WHO NEED THEM SO MUCH . please dont spend money buying a horse, go to the kill pens and you WILL FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR , keep your money in your pocket , no horse you will pay for will ever be a better horse then a horse you saved from slaughter . I have trained thousands of horses and EVERY ONE OF THEM was a saved horse , they won EVERY BLUE RIBBON AT EVERY SHOW THEY EVER WENT TO . they competed against warm/ dumb bloods who people paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for & shipped over from Europe & they couldnt beat my saved thoroughbreds & mutts who’s next stop was to be shipped off to slaughter. You don’t need to take a “trainer” to buy a horse, go buy a horse that warms your heart , that needs you , then take that horse to a trainer who believes in the horse & a champion will be born again every time. a good trainer can train any horse, they don’t have to buy a trained one, your money will be ill spent on a trainer talking you into a horse they think will make their job easier.

  14. Georgia Lawrence

    Emma’s story is a fabulous testimony to the power of true love for horses. Praise GOD for this born in love. I pray that Emma and you, as well as all horse rescuers, are able to continue doing this great service.

  15. caroline harvey

    well done what a lovely story

  16. Martha.

    Yay Emma! Keep with her kiddo

  17. patricia

    A wonderful young girl and a wonderful old mare. thank you for saving her. I wish we had more good stories like this one. this made my day.

  18. Nancy Salvetti

    Thank you for rescuing her, you two sound like a great team. Best of luck in the future

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