15 responses to “2 free in Palm Beach slaughter plea deal, 1 jailed”

  1. Nancy

    The states prosecutor dropped the ball…and again, animal abusers get let off easy. in our community a have to get to higher authority to make it a more severe penalty..so far we have not gotten to the right person…but we will. These people should not have gotten a plea dea, this despite a bill signed int law by Gov Crist in 2010 that states abusing an animal, illegal slaughter, and selling of meat for human consumption …is a felony 3. Where was this during the trial, and why were these culprits allowed to plea? Couto had videos and recorded evidence of this illegal operation, the raid was spectacular, thanks to ARM, BSO and agencies from other counties, 750 animals were moved to a sanctuary. Now to get a stricter penalty.

  2. Len

    This makes me wonder about the prosecuting attorney, probably an ADA. In our area ADA’s are hired but the DA is elected so complaints should go to the DA – if there are reelection thoughts then the DA should take action and Arco should be called on the carpet or out on her ass. Hopefully the newspapers will get another story to question why witnesses weren’t called and listing other facts. The DA’s office has a responsibility to enforce the laws – if it or one of it’s representatives refuses to do the job or is simply incompetent, that person should be fired. Demand a pink slip publicly.

  3. Dalila Gonzalez

    Everything comes full circle.
    This too will be taken care of. Sometimes things don’t have the result we expect but the end result will be worth the wait.
    They think they are free, that they can start all over, it won’t happen.
    We will see…

  4. Marlaine Meeker

    Please tell me I am just having a very bad dream and when I wake real justice was carried out.

  5. PBauer

    Mmh, are animals in legal industrial size slaughter plants treated better and slaughtered more humanely than these?

    I don’t see where eating horse meat is in any way worse/different than eating a cow, pig or chicken. If you generally agree that eating meat is okay, then eating a horse is not worse than eating a cow. On the other hand, if you are an ethical vegetarian, all animal killing for human consumption, no matter where and what species, is unacceptable.

  6. Beverly

    The people responsible for the murder of innocent animals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! No exceptions!! The innocent animals have no voices our laws need to protect them!

  7. Jan Herrick

    This act could also support grand larceny and criminal trespass and breaking and entering claims. Why did they plead it out?

  8. cheri

    WTF? Florida should hang it’s collective head in SHAME.

  9. Susan Kayne

    Thank You Susan & Richard for exposing this gruesome trade and injustice! Richard is on a panel I am moderating at the Equus Film Festival in NYC on Friday … Susan this piece will serve as the basis for a dialogue … if your ears are ringing Friday night … your name will be among the ‘Horse Defenders’ in TriBeCa. With gratitude, Susan Kayne <3.

  10. Shirley Verhoef

    It is so disheartening to read this corruption of justice. I can’t evenimagine it. Ruined my day. Hope those involved suddenly get a conscience.

  11. Bridget Lind

    With all the incriminating evidence against them, why did the prosecutor say this? Is she in kohutz with them? Is she really a defense attorney in disguise? Just wondering.

    1. Candy

      Even people that we deem decent and civilized in this country, even public defenders, don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. It’s all about money and winning, no matter how wrong the win is.

  12. tbdancer

    When those charged with punishing or fining the people involved in such cases are not animal lovers themselves — they believe the four-leggeds or fowl are “just animals” and as such not deserving of humane treatment or the benefits of “good stewardship” — we get results like this. A special Hell awaits these people when their judgment day arrives; and they are teaching their children NOTHING about the sanctity of life. When they are old and ready for “pasture,” their children won’t care for them because they’ve never learned that life has value. Stick “Grandma Judy” in a cheap old-folks home somewhere and wait for the phone call.

  13. Candy

    Absolutely doesn’t surprise me at all. This is precisely why there will never ever be an end to poaching. It’s in these situations where I’d like to read about cops who beat and shoot indiscriminately. They’d be my hero’s.

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