Photo of the Week: A bug’s tale

I'malightningbug, right, loves people so much he comes running, "talking" t he entire way.

I’malightningbug, right, loves people so much he comes running, “talking” t he entire way. Photo by Kelsie Buckley

I’malightningbug has been lighting up life for the Driscoll family of Goffstown, N.H. since the bay grandson of Belmont Stakes winner Touch Gold arrived in January 2012.

The adorable T’bred now nicknamed, Bug, traveled to the Granite State to serve as a companion horse to the family’s beloved 23-year-old horse Alomar, but soon showed he was really much more of a “people” horse.

“I have to say that I have not met a horse like Bug. Having grown up with horses, I’ve been exposed to different personalities, but none quite like him,” says Elise Driscoll. “He gets excited when he sees us and comes running, ‘talking’ the entire way.”

Pictured on the right with Driscoll’s twin daughters Ruth and Clare, Bug has been in training at Walnut Hollow Farm in N.H., learning basic flatwork. Though a previous knee-chip surgery limits him, he is on a path to becoming a pleasure/trail horse.

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  1. Elise

    Susan thank you for sharing our story and the stories of so many! A little update about Bug: This past Sunday he competed in his first Pleasure Show and came home with three Blues and a second for walk trot classes. It was the first time off property for him and he acted very professional like he had been showing his whole life. The experience of adopting Bug has been a wonderful and very rewarding adventure! Thank You for making a difference for these beautiful animals!

  2. Leslie M. Bliman-Kuretzky

    So Precious

  3. Virendra

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  4. cheri

    How sweet and cute!

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