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Appalachian Trail performs bravely at the Hagyard Mid-South Horse Trials in his special bridle.

Head-tossing solution was under their nose

Sometimes less really is more. So, what got the beautiful gray gelding to stop tossing his head and balking at the bit and bridle was not a new gadget, but in fact the removal of the very one he’d been wearing for years. Specifically: the noseband. After 10 months spent trying in vain to figure out just what was making Stakes Placed OTTB Appalachian Trail toss his head, and after ruling out pain, ulcers, and dental problems, owner Sarah Choate of Columbus, Ohio was at the end of her rope. That’s when her trainer suggested removing the noseband of Appy’s […]

Native Tribe ran 109 times and earned over $500,000 before retiring at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

After 109 starts, a forgotten OTTB gets his due

Native Tribe raced up and down the claiming ranks from 1994 until 2003, never staying long with any owner, but always trying for the win, even after he once fell hard in the dirt at Belmont Park. When it was all said and done, the big chestnut gelding raced 109 times for a succession of more than 10 owners and earned skyward of half-a-million dollars before his final race at Philadelphia Park in March 2003. He earned 20 firsts, 20 seconds and 20 thirds as a hardscrabble fighter who raced 18 more times after clipping heels at Belmont Park in June […]

Handsomely in his race days. Photo courtesy Cassandra Buckley

Rescued racehorse goes to jock who loved him

No sooner had the dusty black Thoroughbred landed at the Texas livestock auction Sept. 18, his old friends came running to help. Within 24-hours, Handsomely was identified by his lip tattoo, and rescued with the help of a jockey who won her first race on the good-looking fella, and a past trainer who once pinned his hopes and aspirations on the fine figure of a horse. “In no time, I had enough money to buy him, pay for his quarantine and his feed,” says Donna Keen, of Remember Me Rescue of Texas. She notes that she was once again touched […]