Off-Track Thoroughbreds to cease publication

Sue Salk

Susan Salk

Dear Readers:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that Off-Track Thoroughbreds will cease publication on Jan. 12, 2015, and be archived in a private, online repository of my work.

The decision to close the blog after nearly five years comes, as it does for so many ventures, from financial considerations and time constraints. Although the blog began as a goodwill effort to help raise awareness about the value of Thoroughbreds, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain.

I wish to thank everybody who has participated in some way in this, the single, greatest professional accomplishment of my life! Thank you for allowing me to tell your stories and enter your lives.

For those of you who have asked if I will be available for freelance work, the answer is emphatically yes. Let me know your needs and I would be delighted to discuss them with you.

That said, the story that follows will be the last for

Thank you for everything!

Susan Salk


Prodigioso at HITS Florida.

Prodigioso at HITS Florida.

Prodigioso enters new year on god-given legs

Prodigioso the Everglades Horse is expected to go big in 2015.

On legs so clean they’ve been described as “god given” the chestnut Thoroughbred once left for dead in the bowels of Florida is expected to take center stage on the A-circuit this spring.

Owner Marilyn Lee says Prodigioso will be entered in the Baby Green division of A rated shows, as well as Thoroughbred shows in Canada and the U.S. this coming year, and will be ridden primarily by Lee’s daughter, Robin Hannah. And given his ribbons at Florida HITS and the Royal Winter Fair, and other successes, Lee says she expects his upcoming season to be among his best so far.

Expectations that make her shake her head and marvel at the heart and courage of the little Thoroughbred she and her daughter adopted two years ago, out of the goodness of their hearts.

“We did not take him to be a show horse in the making,” Lee says. “We did it because we had the room at our facility, and if he just needed to live a life of turnout, we wanted to give him that life.”

New name: Pipe Dream
Sire: Southern Leader
Dam: Spirited Affair
Foal date: March 14, 2007
Mother and daughter reached out to the Florida charity where Prodigioso rehabbed for eight months following a harrowing brush with death, one that left him blind in the right eye, and for a brief time, terrified. They had watched his story unfold on Facebook, beginning with his rescue in 2012 from the Florida Everglades, where he’d been chained to a cement block. Emaciated, burned, and newly blinded, the woebegone ex-racehorse was taken in by Florida TRAC and restored during a painstaking eight months.

Reading his story from afar, and marveling at his spunk, Lee and Hannah offered to take the horse in at their sprawling Ontario facility with the thought that if nothing else, they could give him a good retirement. But after Hannah, an accomplished equestrian, put a saddle on him, the animal proved he was nobody’s charity case.

Prodigioso is enjoying a relaxing and chilly winter as he waits for his spring show schedule.

Prodigioso is enjoying a relaxing and chilly winter as he waits for his spring show schedule.

“A judge who knew nothing of Prodigioso’s story wrote last spring that he expected this horse was one who would be going places, really big places, because he has a god-given step,” Lee says. “And the ‘step’ in the hunter ring is such an important thing because it’s their whole way of going. When I read the judge’s comments, and I thought of all the things this horse had been through —he’d been blinded and starved—his legs stayed sound. This was a miracle. Horses go lame with much less than what this horse has suffered, and yet, he has not taken an unsound step.”

In her highly competitive show barn, which contains a variety of breeds and horses, Prodigioso occupies a stall of prominence. Loved by all who meet him, and adored by those lucky enough to get to ride him, the good-natured, trusting ex-racehorse has earned a following and fan club.

“He’s become so spoiled that he now expects a treat from everybody who passes his stall,” she says. “We’ve had to close his door because he’s started to nip people who don’t give him something!”

In her extensive career working with horses, Lee has brought along many, many ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds. But none has come so far as her little Prodigioso. None suffered as much as he did, and yet, remained faithful to humans.

“It makes me cry when I think of how he still trusts people after suffering such extreme abuse at the hands of humans,” she says. “We took him in because we have a conscience, and he showed us something spectacular. It’s like a karmic reward, and I can promise you that this is one horse who will never, ever change hands again.”


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  1. Rebecca Fetterman Vensel

    Ahhh 🙁 I have so enjoyed your blog. I am sorry to see it end. Blessings on all your new endeavors.

  2. Dianne

    I have so enjoyed your posts – I will miss them but thank you for all your hard work and may good things lie ahead for you!!!!!!!

  3. Jon

    All the OTTB’s and TB’s that my wife and I have owned and still own salute you.

    No More Honey (NY), Cheerfy (Multiple graded stakes winner and record holder) (NJ) , Cheer Cheer (NJ), Up N Adam (NY), Basta Ya! (FL), Last Blast (PA), Love Me Tomorrow(Multiple stakes winner) (NJ), Tomorrow Is Here (PA) and Tuxedo Park (KY).

    They came from all over and these are all proof that TB’s are the best horses around hooves down!

  4. Helen Graham

    Susan, just found your site today for the first time and really enjoyed reading about this rags to riches horse Prodigoso. Wish I’d found your site earlier. Good luck to you and all you have done for OTTB and their owners. Helen

  5. Len Jagoda

    A crime that this is my first visit and unfortunately last visit to this blog. St. Francis will be forever looking after you for what you have done.

  6. SusanA

    I sure am going to miss this. I hope that there will somewhere we can find out about the wonderful things happening to horses and people! Best Wishes to you…I have truly enjoyed reading(and crying sometimes too!) The blog was just “good for the soul”! Good luck!

  7. Fiona Farrell

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you so much for what you have done. Your articles will be sorely missed. Best wishes for happy success in your new endeavors.


  8. Always Nell


    I’ll miss you and your wonderful stories that made me cry ever time.

    Good luck, dear!

  9. Jeanne Jensch

    Thank you so much for my favorite blog. I have appreciated all that you have written and received a splendid education on Thoroughbreds in the process. Good luck in all you do in the future.

  10. Jill

    Im also very sorry … I really found so much hope for horses in so many of the stories…like so many other people have!Thank you for all you have done to raise awareness for the thoroughbreds fate post track…it must have been hard work I know and it was a labour of love.

  11. Julie Palomino

    Susan, I am so very sad you won’t be writing and sharing your amazing horse rescue articles. I was never in the Thoroughbred circles, and never fully realized the horrendous abuse and disrespect these beautiful horses suffer when no longer wanted by their owners and barn. You have brought so much awareness to the public about how the racing industry sees these these magnificent horses as so disposable, when they are no longer winning $ for their owners. Your stories are so well written and so inspiring and you have such a loyal readership. Please figure out a way to still write and share as you have. Your stories are so important, and the topic of horse neglect and abuse can never be publicized enough. You are a wonderful writer and I will miss seeing your stories so much. I wish you luck in your new endeavors, and hope to see articles from you again soon! Julie

  12. Margaret

    darn I only found your blog in the last year and I’ve enjoyed reading your articles. I don’t have the funds for a horse but I do donate funds. I’ll miss this.

  13. Sandy Carr

    Susan…thank you for being the catalyst that brought me, L.O.P.E. (LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers) and “Easy” (Isa My Love) together! If Easy knew I’m sure he would share a peppermint candy with you!

  14. Diana

    Just discovered you this year, following my discovery of Metro the Painting Horse. Have read your beautifully written stories with tears and smiles for those special horses and their rescuers and will dearly miss your mission of love. Thank You for your work to spread the word and save lives. God Bless You, the Horses and the people who save them.

  15. KWebers

    Susan, so very sorry to hear of this, but I wish you well. You’ve provided information and connections which many horse lovers would not have otherwise had access to.
    It’s all about the horse — the individual — that we must do right by, and you assisted in this by enabling those who care and want to take positive action.
    We will continue to do just that. And we’ll welcome your return, in whatever format you choose.
    With appreciation, and in remembrance of dear Ea.

  16. Louise Martin


    I am so, so sorry to hear that you are ending your blog! It has been such a wonderful savior for the off the track thoroughbreds!!

    I will miss this blog terribly. I am so glad we are friends….

    Deena and I send our love!

  17. Jamie

    I’m so sad to hear that your blog will be ending. My favorite part of the day is to sit down and read and inspirational article about yet another thoroughbred. I love this breed and have since I owned my own ottb. Metro changed my mind about thoroughbreds and was the best horse I could have picked for my first.

  18. John Brown

    Good luck Susan. I will miss your blog. Off-Track Thoroughbreds has done much to improve the lives of these wonderful horses.

  19. Heather

    Susan, thank you for always caring about the horses. I really loved your posts as I felt you were able to connect the horse to the people in a way that was so beautiful and heartfelt. Great job, and good luck in the future.

  20. R.A.C.E. Fund, Inc.

    Susan, so sorry to hear this. We wish you well in your new future endeavors. Thank you for telling the horses stories. They are the true heroes and warriors.

  21. Cindy Grisolia

    Susan, say it ain’t so! We’ll miss your wonderful coverage. Thank you so much for all you have done for Old Friends over these years. You’ve done some much to raise awareness of our retired Thoroughbred athletes and our mission. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
    –Cindy Grisolia

  22. Carmel

    I agree with all the others, I’m going to miss you! But I also understand how life can get a little too full sometimes. All the best to you in your future endeavors. You have a special way of writing and touching our hearts, consider doing a book! And most of all, thank you for all you’ve done for the OTTBs! What a great last story too!

  23. Marion N. Seidel

    Susan, I am so sorry to hear about your decision to close this blog! As so many others, I really appreciated your stories and the work you put into them. Thank you for the many smiles your articles have put on my face and thank you for even writing about ‘my’ OTTB Billy Jones. I sincerely want to wish you the best for your next project and future!

  24. Shannon

    As the owner of an OTTB (my first horse and the love of my life), thank you for raising awareness as to their situation. Your stories have been so welcome in my day. I have loved reading about these beauties, and I thank you again. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

  25. Lynne Wooddell

    Susan, you will always have a place in my heart for someone who has been (and will continue to be, I am sure!) a huge advocate of our special OTTBs. Thank you for sharing these special stories. I know (personally–you wrote about our African Wildfire) that you have put your heart and soul into these features. Thank you and warmest wishes and aloha to you in your new endeavors! Lynne

  26. Clare

    Thank you for all of the wonderful articles. Your voice will be missed greatly but was so appreciated. Your articles brought the plight of the horse to the fore and gave us all pause to see things we didn’t want to see or know about but that you showed us in simple words the grace & strength of these gentle souls. Your blog will be truly missed. Good luck.

  27. Susan Crane-Sundell

    So sorry to see that you are ending your blog. I have truly relied on your knowledge and insight. I have been ill and not able to participate much lately.I hope that everyone will continue to champion the plight and wonders of OTTBs now that you are hanging up your keyboard. Don’t hang up your bridle. You have always been on of the greatest advocates for our horses and they have greatly benefited from your voice. I will really miss you, your dedication and your sincere concern.Will miss you terribly.
    Best wishes for your future endeavours.
    High hoof!

  28. Belinda Ransom

    Dearest Susan,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done helping to be a voice for the voiceless. OTTBs are still quite misunderstood and many face uncertain futures after the track. Your blog has helped raise awareness and I’m sure find second careers for many OTTBs through your wonderful stories. And my wonderful guy, Vow To Fly, who you highlighted, also thanks you.

    Belinda Ransom-Davis

  29. Aleen Thomas

    I am so sorry to hear of your blog closing – as the former owner of an OTTB from giveaway from the breeder at age 4 until his death at age 28, I know the versatility of these horses, the heart and also some of the difficulties associated with them. Learning to ride him was learning to ride all over again and an invaluable education. I sincerely hope there is a way you might be able to keep this up on a smaller basis which would give you less grief and probable feeling of inadequacy for not being able to “do it all.” None of us can. We would be grateful for whatever you might be able to share. All the best in whatever you pursue in 2015 and beyond . . .

  30. bella

    I have read your blog for years with tears of horror and joy
    I always take a moment to read your fantastic words of enlightenment about all the OTTB’s you have revealed to us. You have touched many and helped to bring awareness to the horses that have no voice.
    Is there is any way you could post quarterly?
    I know we, your readers, would love it :))

    Thank-you for all that you have done and Good luck with your future projects

  31. Cindy

    oh, Susan, I will miss you, so! Thank you for your tremendous book of work. Thank you for your love and passion of the wonderful thoroughbreds. I will miss you.
    Bon Chance,

  32. Jon

    I was hoping new OTTB that cost me $3 of diesel to go get would make it as a story horse. All OTTB’s owe you a debt of gratitude for making their chances of finding their forever home better.

  33. Kathy Dube

    I’ll miss the great stories, but I know it’s far too time consuming!

  34. Canter Michigan

    Susan, your thoroughbred stories became the highlight of my day! You are such a talented writer, I hope you consider writing a book, or as mentioned above taking a sabbatical to recharge and take time for yourself. Your talents should not be hidden and I hope you will choose an outlet for writing where we can all share in your terrific story telling. We will miss your stories!
    Thanks so much for showcasing these terrific equine athletes whose names may not be as familiar as those in the Kentucky Derby, but who all have the heart of champions and so much love to give.

  35. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

    A book Susan…that’s it! Let’s do it! I’ll help!

  36. Sharon

    So sorry to hear that the blog is closing, but I understand the time and commitment it takes. I have enjoyed the blog tremendously. Good luck in your future endeavors!


  37. Danielle

    Dear Susan,

    We will miss your stories immensely, and hope to see your work show up in other places. What you have done for the retired racehorses to bring their value into the spotlight is nothing short of a work of art. Thank you!

  38. Deborah Thomas, Princeton, NJ

    I came late to your blog through another lifelong horse buddy, Sharon, but I will truly miss your wonderful articles. I partnered with an OTTB (Hank, formerly Captain Natural from Help Hearts Equine Rescue)4 years ago so I well know and love the breed. You have raised the consciousness of horse lovers and your insightful voice will be sorely missed.

    I understand the confines and restrictions of finances and time but I will still miss you; hopefully you will be able to find the time to do an “periodic” article for all of your devoted fans. I wish you success and good luck in all your future ventures and ask that you keep my contact information on file….. just in case you ever do another blog about anything. God Bless!

  39. Teresa Melnick

    Thank you, Susan, for all of your effort on behalf of Thoroughbreds. You’ve done more good than you can know. Best of luck with any new endeavors!

  40. Michelle Y.

    Susan, I echo what everyone else before me has said. You have done an absolutely amazing service for these OTTB’s, bringing awareness to people who may not have known the dark side of racing. You certainly have for me. I will miss reading your daily blog with the heartfelt stories of these wonderful horses, but completely understand the time and effort it takes to run such a blog. I also wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  41. Kate Haessly


    Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into this blog and in championing the cause of OTTB’s. I am currently horseless, but hadn’t ever considered a TB as I’d be looking for something just to trail ride and hack around with. After reading your blog for the last year (+), I will definitely consider an OTTB when I am ready.

    Like so many others, I will greatly miss your blog. It is the highlight of my morning.

    I wish you great success with all of your future endeavors.

  42. Lisa Melone

    So sad to see this end, Susan, but I think you’ve made an impact on the OTTB world. By telling all these stories, you’ve increased awareness on aftercare for OTTB’s and shared the worth and value of these truly amazing athletes. Thanks for making a difference.

  43. SpotOn

    Thank you Susan for all you have done for the OTTB community.

  44. Wendy

    I’ve looked forward to each and every story you’ve written. To say I’ll miss your blog is British understatement! Good luck in your new ventures!

  45. ivy dantico

    Love your articles….

  46. Susie Harris

    I always looked forward to your posts and will miss them tremendously. Thank you for the time and effort you spent in crafting each and every one of them. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful article you wrote about my horse, Blaze N Waggin. Blaze unexpectantly had to be put down this November and it broke my heart. I will always treasure the story you wrote about us.

  47. Cynthia Minchillo

    I am truly saddened by your announcement, but understand your decision. I cry tears of sadness for mankind and equine every time I read your blog, and now I cry because we are loosing a champion of both. You made it easy to bring more awareness to the second careers (or lack thereof) of race horses, and have brought some great things to light, including the sweet soul of Lazaria

    I hope that you reconsider the privacy of your blog postings, as there are thousands of people that can learn from them. Thank you again for all of your time, talent, skill and effort sharing the stories of the beautiful animals we love.

    Sorry to say goodbye to your blog. Good luck with all of your future endeavors, and I hope to see more of your writing very soon.

    One OTTB mom.

  48. RiderWriter

    Susan, THANK YOU for all of your hard work in bringing these wonderful, heartwarming and important stories to us. I know you have singlehandedly done a GREAT deal for my favorite breed, and helped boost the awareness of what these marvelous animals can do. It’s happening – the horse world is really, truly waking up and more and more people are considering TBs again. It’s just wonderful and you should be so proud!

    I, too, have read every story here and laughed, cried and rejoiced. Thank you again for sharing your time and talent. Your voice will be greatly missed. Best wishes for a successful future!

  49. Connie Clauson

    I have enjoyed everything you have posted. All of the above plus is what I am feeling.
    Thank you so very much for all you have done
    all the best

  50. Linda R. Moss

    Dear Susan,

    I cannot tell you what a loss this is on SO many fronts!! You have been one of the strongest hearts, voices, and champions in the National OTTB Community and I don’t know that anything will fill this void. I am sure you have considered reducing the Blog from daily to once a week or at least twice a month? Or perhaps just taking a sabbatical and putting yourself out to pasture, so to speak, for the rest of the Winter?

    But more importantly, you have been an incredible force that binds us, keeps us informed, and gives us hope on individual level for each OTTB story you have shared.

    On a more personal note, I want to thank you for the beautiful story you did on my OTTB, Milyone. After recovering from typical off the track challenges and then a year after we had him he had colic surgery – he is now thriving with an outstanding Grand Prix Jumper trainer and 2015 will be his debut year in the Southern CA show circuit. Please enjoy this video of a local show we did this past summer – to see if he was “up” to it after coming back.

    It is my wish for today, you will reconsider and if not, I do understand the difficulty this decision must have been. Know you have been TOTALLY LOVED and it is sad to loose your voice. The OTTB community has been raised up by you and I think it is up to us to make sure it does not fall.

    Look forward to staying in touch and still hope to see you in SoCal someday. Hugs and Love, Linda R. Moss

  51. NicosMom

    Oh no! I will surely miss your articles. Your blog is one of my favorites I always make the effort to read. You have accomplished so much bringing awareness to the OTTB and have forever changed many lives. Thank you again for all your time and efforts you put in this inspiring blog. Best wishes!

  52. kristen

    Susan- Im so sad to hear this. I have enjoyed your stories every day! They make me proud to be an OTTB owner!

  53. Jen Roytz

    Susan, you did such great work weaving stories with words the past five years. You played a big role in up-ing the “cool factor” of off-track Thoroughbreds. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both professionally and personally. Off-track Thoroughbreds have done so much for you and me over the years, not the least of which is creating a friendship between us.

    You brought so many people from so many walks of life together with your words and passion, and I’m sure you’re continue to do that with your new endeavors. Bsst of luck!!!

  54. Fran

    The OTTB’s have lost such a great partner! You have championed our OTTB cause at every corner..and you have so wonderfully told all of their stories (and ours!) in a way that demonstrates the OTTB’s strength, character and ability to start over day in and day out..
    Thank you from our hearts for your dedication and sincerity for all that you have done Sue!
    On Behalf of all OTTBs— you get a 4 star Hoof rating!!

    Hugs from Dreamer aka Dustin’s Dreamer aka Token Gesture!!

  55. Patty Hamilton

    Susan, I really loved your website. It was so informative and interesting to read these true stories of these fine horses. I would love for you to write a book and get it published about the many good and bad stories of on and offtrack racehorses. There are many success stories but also let us not forget about the many horses that did not make it. Everything is not good for Thoroughbreds. They have been over breed and when most of the owners are done with them they throw them away. These fine horses are only a cash croup for them and once they can’t be used to generate income off they go. Please consider writing a book. I for one would purchase your book. Thanks again for your website. Good luck on your future endeavors. Best wishes, Patty Hamilton

  56. Linda McDowell

    Dear Susan,

    I am so sorry we will not be able to read your blog anymore. I have read all your entries and one story is as good as the next. I am sorry we will not be able to read your blog any longer. Who knows maybe some day you will start up again.

    Thank you for sharing the stories that you have.


  57. nancy atkinson

    PS so sorry we never got the story on Westie published!

  58. nancy atkinson

    This has been one of the most heartfelt, loving and rewarding reports of the great OTTB that I have ever read and you will be greatly missed. You have done a great service to these wonderful animals to get the word out and promote their futures in all phases of use and competition. I will miss you and your great stories. My 7 OTTB thank you!

  59. Tiff

    Sad to see this come to a close, but want to thank you for all you have written here. I have eagerly read each and every post since discovering the blog. Thank you for having shared your time and energy with us!

  60. Mary, Ocala,FL

    I have enjoyed reading all your articles. You have been a wonderful spokeswoman for the thoroughbreds. The stories you wrote about were so heart wrenching with a wonderful ending. I will miss them. Good luck with your new venture. Hope you show up again on some horse venue writing your stories. Thanks for showing the TB in a positive light!

  61. Bev

    I enjoyed your blog, Susan. Thank you for putting the time and heart into it that you did over the last five years. It will be missed.

  62. Valerie

    So sorry to hear you won’t be continuing your stories. I’ve enjoyed them very much reading about these wounded warriors who’ve made a comeback like Prodigisio. He’s so big hearted.

  63. Grace DiBenedetto

    Thank you for all you have to done to promote awareness of the OTTB.

  64. Leslie M. Bliman-Kuretzky


    I love reading this blog.

    I will really miss it 🙁

  65. Nancy Fleming

    I am truly sorry to read this will be the last posting….I haven’t been following all that long but I have loved every story and rejoiced in another TB having found his or her forever home and the happiness and love they deserve after giving so much. I understand your reasons for not continuing and hope perhaps someone else can take up the torch and run with it for awhile. A HUGE thank you for all that you have done to raise awareness of how adaptable and courageous OTTB’s are. Best wishes to you in the future!

  66. Nicole

    Oh Sue, first I cried when I read this would be the final post for your blog and then I cried again when I read the story. Thank you for not only helping us get our horses’ stories out, but for being a voice for all of these special animals when no one else would be. You are truly amazing and have been an inspiration to many. Good luck in your future endeavors!

    Niki and all of your friends (fans)at The Exceller Fund

  67. Cheryl Messores

    Sorry to not have your blog around to read anymore. I will have to keep you updated on Moccasin Dancer aka Simon. I have just heard he is going to be featured in a Smart-Pak catalog and her son is really coming along well with working with him.

  68. Andrea

    Susan, Ditto to what everyone has said before me. The stories have given me inspiration on those especially tough days with my two OTTBs. These horses come with so much baggage, physically and emotionally and can be so giving at the same time. I love them dearly and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for all that you have done!

  69. Amy Worden

    Susan – I am terribly sorry to hear that you are ending your fabulous blog. It has provided such important information about horse rescue – and the plight of off-track thoroughbreds – and given hope to horse lovers everywhere. Good luck in your future ventures. Amy Worden

  70. Cindy

    Thank you so very much for the past several years of writing and most of all highlighting these great horses. You & their stories will be so missed.
    Take care!

  71. Meg

    I am disappointed to see you go as well. I love reading all the great stories of all these comeback horses. I wish that everyone could see the brilliance they have and it is wonderful to know there have been so many people who can. I will definitely miss reading your work! Hopefully in the future you will find a new way to get these stories out to us again.

  72. Sharon Mulvaney

    I have so enjoyed all the stories about rescued horses. I hate to see this site end but understand. Thank you for all the work you did for horses.

  73. Heather-Joan

    What a shame to hear! 🙁 I have followed blog here for the last year and a half and so and have considered it a valuable resource to the equine community in many ways. Not only have you shown there is life for a TB after the track, but there is life for a horse after whatever career they may have or even after an advanced age. You will be sorely missed in the blogosphere but your efforts will never be forgotten and just know that you have left a mark. May God bless you on wherever your next venture will take you and may your past posts continue to make an impact on the world. 🙂

  74. Kathryn Defranc

    So sorry you are finished with your blog,loved every one of your stories,very well written and made all understand the heart of these wonderful animals! Best of luck in all you do,and thank you for all you have done!!

  75. Jon

    I am sorry to hear this. This is one of the best blogs for showing what happens to horses when people really care about getting them to good places. Sadly, other horses will suffer without the information outlet you provide for horses in need and the organizations that help them. Still, you have done a very good thing here with this blog.

  76. LindaVA

    I will miss your posts. Thanks for one last heartwarming story, and good luck in your future endeavors!

  77. Nat Cohen

    This is a wonderful story. Thank you to ALL of you who have helped him and continue to be his new family!!!

  78. Ruth Plenty of Harmony and Hope Horse Haven, Portal Ari8zona

    Susan – I will miss you. We are a Thoroughbred rescue and lifetime home; have been since 1996. I am thankful for the time, effort, cost you gave to Thoroughbreds these past years. I’ve enjoyed your stories – and hate that they were even necessary, shedding many tears as though I were personally involved with each horse – let me add, tears of pain and joy. You have reached many people and I thank you for that. You’ve done a wonderful job. For every story you wrote of a rescued Thoroughbred you saved another Thoroughbred.
    If you have a future mailing list I would appreciate being on that.
    Thank you once more Susan.
    Ruth Plenty, Founder and 24/7 head mare
    Harmony and Hope Horse Haven, Inc.
    Portal, Arizona

  79. martha

    It is with such disappointment and sadness in learning that you will no longer be writing OTTB news. I have enjoyed this so much, felt such joy in the heart warming stories and cried many tears over the heart breaking stories. You have brought so much needed attention to the plight of unwanted horses, to the great rescue groups and the generous & determined individuals who have stepped up to give new life and hope to so many horses. Hopefully, the success stories have encouraged people to try a Thoroughbred, and rescue and adoption stories have pushed owners & trainers to do better in finding homes for their Thoroughbreds after their racing days. You have done such a huge service to the Thoroughbred world, in so many ways. There is no way we can thank you enough!!! I will continue to love and care for my 7 Thoroughbreds, mostly retired off the track, and continue to give what little I can to rescue and rehoming groups. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  80. LL

    Sorry to hear that you will not be continuing the stories. There have been many tears of sadness and happiness reading your stories. I hope that someone will continue to make the public aware of what some of these horses have to go through when they have finished racing. The joy of reading about the happy endings has been wonderful. Wishing you continued success in whatever you pursue.

  81. Maureta Ott

    What a great story! This horse just shows what many OTTBs give in return for some love and TLC. The heart of a Thoroughbred is unmatched !

    Thank you Susan, for your insight as well as promoting these wonderful horses! Good luck! We will certainly miss you.

  82. Colmel

    This is one of the most amazing stories of the fortitude of the thoroughbred spirit ever. I am so grateful to you, Susan, for bringing this to us. As a some-times blogger, myself, I certainly understand the time and effort you put into your posts. Is there ANY chance, whatsoever, that you might consider doing the occasional post – perhaps when Prodigioso gets an amazing ribbon or we hear of one of the SPCA rescues from South Florida doing well? I hate to think that you would give this up completely. Your voice is important and you shed light on the positives that come from giving the best breed a second chance and a new occupation. You are valued and needed.

    1. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

      I couldn’t agree more…Susan’s eloquent voice has helped so many….too vital to be silenced permanently.

  83. tbdancer

    Susan, I am so disappointed to read that your blog is ending. I have enjoyed every single entry (and remember how hard you tried to get my “subscription” to remain “up and running” back when you first began and I wasn’t receiving notices in my email inbox :o) I’m sorry, too, that you weren’t able to write the story of Prince Albert, the horse that won the first OTTB high-point award that I sponsored. However, I do understand about time and money “constraints.” Thank you for the years of wonderful stories about beautiful (and very lucky) horses and the glorious people who have gone “above and beyond” to help them. Will your OTTB products still be available? Do keep in touch. God bless! Kathy

  84. Susan Roth

    I’ve so enjoyed your articles! So sad not to be looking forward to more, however, all good things come to an end. Good luck in your future endeavors!

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