Pair of abandoned T-breds on the mend

Sosa is treated by Dr. Zachary Franklin of Templeton and Franklin Veterinary Associates.

Sosa is treated by Dr. Zachary Franklin of Templeton and Franklin Veterinary Associates. Photo by Grace Delanoy

Two ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds left to die— one in a remote region of Florida, the other in a woodsy lot of Bourbon County Kentucky—are continuing to recover from the hard lot in life they were dealt.

Gray gelding Sosa, 22, is healing nicely from infected, deep wounds of his legs, according to Laurie Waggoner, South Florida SPCA director of operations, who notes that the wounds are responding very well to medically treated leg wraps.

“We expect the leg wraps to be part of his treatment regimen for another six to eight weeks,” she says, adding that the wounds are no longer draining—a good sign—and that the wraps are primarily helping to keep the them clean and free of flies.

He is also eating well and regaining weight, she says, noting that he was approximately 200 pounds underweight when the Miami-Dade Police Department picked him up in late August. He had been left outside a cement factory, and was found covered with severe lacerations indicating he had fallen hard on cement.

And in Kentucky, Jo Jo Gypsy continues to slowly regain weight under the careful care of Jeanne Mirabito of Our Mims Retirement Haven.

Jo Jo Gypsy recuperates from starvation at Our Mims Horse Haven in Kentucky.  Pictured with Jeanne Mirabito's granddaughter Kaylee.

Jo Jo Gypsy recuperates from starvation at Our Mims Horse Haven in Kentucky. Pictured with Jeanne Mirabito’s granddaughter Kaylee.

The 9-year-old mare was among approximately 40 abandoned Thoroughbreds seized in late August by Animal Control of Bourbon County. Mirabito decided to save Jo Jo because to do otherwise would have been the equivalent of signing her death warrant, Mirabito says in an earlier interview.

In the worst condition of all the horses recovered, Jo Jo is still not out of the woods. But Mirabito says veterinary reports are promising.

“Her blood work will show how well her internal organs are working. When she arrived, the only (organs) working worth a darn were her kidneys. But since we have a consistent non-diarrhea stool, it appears her intestines are functioning,” Mirabito says. “Jo Jo’s body had already begun feeding on itself to try to survive. Muscles are broken down for energy. Organs shut down to conserve energy. It can be tricky business to “re-feed” a starved horse.”

Mirabito expects to get the green light soon from the veterinarian to increase the amount of food as Jo Jo’s strength and bodily functions return, she adds.

As both Thoroughbreds concentrate on regaining their health, their new friends will strive to find them a permanent place in the world, a place where they will know no more fear and pain. Mirabito has had several trusted offers to adopt Jo Jo; however, she has not made any final decisions. And, though a foster home previously lined up for Sosa has fizzled, Waggoner says she will try to find the perfect situation for him. ♥

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8 responses to “Pair of abandoned T-breds on the mend”

  1. cheri vaughan

    Sigh of relief from House of Vaughan. We love these equine athletes and those who care for them! Stay strong everyone.

  2. Delrene Sims from Carlsbad, Ca

    Thank you for these updates. I have been following JoJo but remembered reading about the beautiful grey Sosa awhile ago. They are both in loving hands and hopefully will improve everyday. To the caretakers, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Such despicable people who left these two beautiful horses to fend for themselves.

  3. Michelle Y.

    Thank goodness for the people that love and care for and nurse these horses back to health. Thank goodness we have these people who counteract the evil that befalls these innocent beings.

  4. Jeanne Mirabito

    Thank you, Susan.
    Jo Jo has so many people praying for her and cheering her on; and she needs every one of them.
    It is so hard to imagine what terrible events occur that land horses like Jo Jo, her former herd mates and Sosa in this kind of condition. It’s easy to get angry, to feel so overwhelmed by the bad that a person feels like they are suffocating in it.
    But the compassion and love that has come from so many people for Jo Jo has restored my faith.
    Thank you for helping!

  5. nancy atkinson

    I would like to know what was done about the humans that left them like this. The only way to stop it is to make the punishment harsh. Two beautiful, innocent animals. Hard to read but the end of the stories are great. Thanks so much for all the work, love and patience.

  6. ann fox

    So glad…sharing…

  7. Linda

    Thank you for the update. So happy to see that these beautiful animals are recovering and will hopefully find loving forever homes. Cannot say thank you enough to the hard working organizations and individuals who rescue these amazing animals.

  8. R.A.C.E. Fund, Inc.

    Prayers for continued healing for both horses. It is amazing what care, nourishment, love and compassion can do.

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