A happy hunter who had them at ‘hello’

Tommy carts around his owner's wee cousin at the Totally Thoroughbred Show at Pimlico.

Tommy carts around his owner’s wee cousin at the Totally Thoroughbred Show at Pimlico.

His chiseled head carried gracefully low, his lithe body in a perfect frame, the lovely gray gelding who cinched the High Point Hunter title in last year’s Thoroughbred Alliance Show series is a racehorse who’s inner hunter/jumper has found the perfect proving ground.

“He’s a rock star!” says Lauren Moran of her ex-racehorse Tom (Jockey Club: Deep Threat). “He’s a natural. He has a beautiful form over fences, and when he’s flatting, he looks like a million bucks.”

Deep Threat
Show name: Allumination
Nickname: Tom
Sire: Buddha
Dam: Sacred Promise
Foal date: April 21, 2005
Earnings: $38,320
Clearly, others agreed with Moran’s assessment of the pretty gray gelding who, just a couple years off the track, showed so beautifully how he could nail spot-on lead changes and stretchy trots, and then switch gears, and beneath a western saddle, perform neck reining moves with the best of them.

His eye-catching looks and talent along with his willingness to carry a heavier western saddle for his fancily dressed owner netted him a 3rd and 6th place in western classes at the Thoroughbred Celebration Horse show, without breaking a sweat.

“He’s got the best temperament, he’s really laid back around people,” she says. “He loves to antagonize other horses, but around people, his favorite thing is to stick out his tongue for treats.”

When Moran first considered buying Tom in 2011, she admits she wasn’t impressed. Aside from his pretty, gray coat, the only other remarkable thing about him was that Moran’s mother was wild about him.

Tommy and Lauren happily compete in the 2-foot-6 hunter/jumpers.

Tommy and Lauren happily compete in the 2-foot-6 hunter/jumpers.

“My mother fell in love with him right away,” she says. “From the minute she saw him she said he’d be a superstar.” Moran says.

Mother knew best.

After purchasing him from a Pennsylvania farm, Tom was moved to the family’s horse farm in Maryland, and soon began training in the hunter basics.

Tom has emerged as a solid hunter comfortable with 2-foot-6 jumps, pleasure riding, and even western. He lacks confidence with bigger jumps, so the plan is to let him naturally find his own level.

She aims to take him to the Thoroughbred Alliance Show Series and western pleasure classes this year, and when they’re not preparing, she’ll just shower him with peppermints and love.

He’s won the affection of the entire family of Moran riders who are delighted with the company of their favorite happy hunter.

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  1. Delrene in Carlsbad, Ca.

    What a handsome fellow. Really seems to enjoy his new job and family. Thank you for sharing.

  2. edna

    He’s quite flashy and his ears in the video say he really loves his new job jumping fences!

  3. cheri vaughan

    I especially like this story about Tom and his family! I am a Marylander, too!

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