Child gives Christmas money to TB charity

Ellah jobs show horse Silver Lining. Photo by Emily Fisher

Ellah jogs show horse Silver Lining. Photo by Emily Fisher

The night before Christmas, 10-year-old Ellah Dubeau-Kielty wasn’t thinking of gifts from Santa.

Not this year.

Instead she was consumed with thoughts for the sweet T’breds residing at Mindy Lovell’s Ontario rescue, and she worried about whether they’d have enough hay and grain to make it through the darkest months of winter.

Ellah had learned from her equestrian mentor Marilyn Lee, a well-known Thoroughbred trainer and advocate, that Lovell was fundraising for hay and feed, and the child leapt to help out, eschewing all thoughts of gifts as she set about fundraising for the horses.

Lee had announced to all her students, including Ellah, that Lovell’s Thoroughbred charity needed help this winter, and was preparing a fundraiser the equestrians could participate in, and the young girl instantly answered the call.

“I was thinking it would be great if the kids had an opportunity to work and earn money for Mindy, and so I offered to pay them to do work around my farm during the holiday break, and the dollars they earned here would be given to Transitions Thoroughbreds,” Lee says. “But, Ellah took it upon herself to start fundraising immediately, and she showed up at my door with $140 for Mindy.”

She raised the funds by calling family members and imploring them to help.

“I asked all my family to pitch in and help, and I had $40 of my own money,” Ellah says, adding, “And then my grandfather gave me $250 for Christmas.”

Ellah and Welsh Pony Blueridge Felicitous, whom she rides at Lee's Sherwood Farm in Canada

Ellah and Welsh Pony Blueridge Felicitous, whom she rides at Lee’s Sherwood Farm in Canada

And there was never a question what she would do with the money. No need for riding boots or cute riding jacket this year. All of it, totaling $390 is being donated to the Transitions Thoroughbreds fundraiser.

“I did it because these horses needed help, and I wanted to help,” Ellah says.

Her mother Rachelle Dubeau was so touched by her daughter’s outward focus that she told Lee how wonderful it was to witness. “I’m pleased to see that she’s thinking about the horses today instead of the gifts coming her way,” she wrote to Lee in an email. “It’s a nice start to the holidays!”

And best of all, the funds helped Mindy Lovell come to within $100 of her $10,000 fundraising goal. The funds will be used to buy hay and grain for her herd of 43 ex-racehorse Thoroughbreds.

“I just did a tally and with the latest donations, plus what Ellah raised through her fundraising, her donation has just pushed us slightly over the goal number!!” Lovell exclaims. “It is truly remarkable that a child that age has such compassion for these horses. It is a very, very special gift to these horses when a child is willing to take a stand like this. She is a very special little girl.”

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  1. Delrene in Carlsbad, Ca.

    What a beautiful Christmas story. Thanks to Ellah and all. Please advise how to get a donation to Mindy Lovell. Thank you.

  2. Kathy Germain

    This touching story bought tears to my eyes. Tears of pride for Rachelle, Gary and Ellah! And tears of happiness for the horses. This is an amazing story, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to read it on facebook. Thank you for sharing. Ellah you are a special young woman, and I know that all of your family is very proud of this act of kindness. May you always have happiness in your life, the kind that you give to others so selfishly.

  3. Susan Crane-Sundell

    Hi Ellah

    Just a big heartfelt thank you for putting the horses most in need first and honoring the never-ending work and efforts of Mindy Lovell. Many displaced and healing horses will have a better winter because of you and your efforts.You are a true horsewoman young lady!

  4. Ellah

    Thank you for saying such nice things. I am happy to help and I hope others are too. I hope Mindy gets the help she needs for these beautiful horses. Please give if you can.

  5. Jean

    She is an amazing little girl to think about the needs of these beautiful animals over anything that she might want. Thank you Ellah. I know your family is so proud of you and I am sure you will grow up to be a wonderful caring and loving adult.

  6. cheri vaughan

    Lovely, caring gesture!

  7. Marilyn Lee-Hannah

    We are so proud of Ellah and her compassion for these horses in need. Encouraging awareness with our young riders , that not all horses…other animals and families too…are as fortunate as ours is a responsibility we take very seriously. Her act of kindness made my Christmas!

  8. Marti

    So much character and compassion in a small, darling package. Yes, parenting done right. I pray that Ellah always has horses in her life as long as she wishes. There is no doubt that this young lady will be a great success at whatever she chooses to do in life. I am also happy to hear that Mindy is reaching her goal–I was happy to help a small bit in that need, and many thanks to all who helped feed those horses this winter. Mindy always deserves our thanks for the rescues she does.

  9. SpotOn

    Well done kiddo! And THAT folks is parenting and instructing done RIGHT! Bravo to Ellah’s family and Marilyn Lee as well.

  10. Jan

    Congratulations on all your fundraising efforts, Ellah! Good job. What a wonderful young soul you are for thinking of those grand TB’s and wanting to give a helping hand in their care; so like you to think of them rather than yourself…I know, because I’m proud to say I’m your neighbour! Here’s to your heart of gold and your caring nature.

  11. Deborah Rubin

    What a wonderful thing to do. Just goes to show that there are some kids in this world that care more about others than themselves.

  12. Christina

    Hooray, Ellah! Well done. A lovely story.

  13. jon

    Well done gentle child! May the horse gods smile on you.

  14. Lisa Peterson

    What an inspiring story to start my day! Thanks so much for caring, Ellah – please don’t change that big heart, ever! <3

  15. Leslie M. Bliman-Kuretzky

    What a wonderful Young Lady.

  16. Wendy Scott

    I wonder if Mindy would have a really nice TB for Ellah at a later date, when she ages out of the ponies. That would be totally cool!!!


    Ellah just might grow up and be president someday…at last a really promising human in the seat of power doing good things. Her character is already determined. And many congratulations to Mindy for making the goal….heres to more zeroes gained in the
    next drive.

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