2 CANTER chapters net $17,500 in gifts, grants

CANTER Colorado receives $10,000. Pictured, L-R,Bruce Seymore (general mgr Arapahoe), Jamie Girouard (CANTER), Corey Kaye (CANTER) the others are members of the Colorado Horse Racing Association and not all identified: , ?, Sandy Miller, ?, ?, Bill Powers, Shannon Rushton. Photo by Coady Photography

CANTER Colorado receives $10,000. Pictured, L-R: Bruce Seymore (general mgr Arapahoe), Jamie Girouard (CANTER), Corey Kaye (CANTER) and members of the Colorado Horse Racing Association. Photo by Coady Photography

Two chapters of the Thoroughbred charity organization CANTER recently accepted generous donations to help in their ongoing efforts to list, advertise, re-train and re-home Thoroughbred ex-racehorses.

The ASPCA this month granted $7,500 to CANTER California to assist in the charity’s efforts to rehabilitate and retrain retired racehorses, as well as to defray costs of veterinary care, feed and boarding expenses for the horses, according to a press release.

And a few states away, CANTER Colorado was awarded 10,000 by the Colorado Horse Racing Association and Arapahoe Park to assist in creation of the new CANTER chapter, which officially launched an aftercare program for retiring racehorses in April 2013, and has built a collaborative relationship with track management and horse-racing professionals since 2012, the press release stated.

With both donations, the organizations express deep gratitude for the ongoing support.

In Colorado, CANTER Executive Director Jamie Girouard cited the unstinting support of Corey Kaye, director of track relations, for fostering the teamwork between CANTER volunteers and backside workers to aid retiring racehorses. “Her tireless efforts and long hours on the backside of the track working with trainers, owners and track management … greatly contributed to the success of CANTER Colorado,” Girouard says.

Morning rounds at Golden Gate Fields. Photo by CANTER California volunteer Reena Rosskopf

Morning rounds at Golden Gate Fields. Photo by CANTER California volunteer Reena Rosskopf

Girouard adds that the donation will allow CANTER to enhance the program serving owner and trainers who race at Arapahoe Park.

Bruce Seymore, general manager of the racetrack, praised CANTER Colorado for its dedication to the horses. “We’re excited to be able to support CANTER Colorado in their ‘recycled racehorse’ retraining program, and think this will be a real benefit to the horsemen at Arapahoe Park and the horses who run here.”

And at CANTER California, where more than 400 Thoroughbreds have been successfully re-homed since its incorporation in 2008, excitement was high in the wake of the ongoing ASPCA grant.

“We are incredibly grateful to have the support from the ASPCA, and we are excited they have again chosen CANTER as a recipient of these funds to help ex-racehorses in need of rehabilitation and retraining,” says CANTER California Executive Director Ali Dacher. “This grant provides much needed funding to continue our work and provide the resources to help more Thoroughbreds find new homes and move into second careers.”

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    What a great gesture of cooperation between the Colorado Horseracing Association and CANTER. That a track publically comes out and supports a rescue makes all the difference for the horses that may gain a safe retirement from that track. It’s great to see a bond strengthened between Arapahoe and CANTER.

    Congratulations to California CANTER as well. Cooperation between the SPCA and our OTTB organizations allows for more recognition of the wonderful work of retraining and rehoming thoroughbreds. Great news! I can’t help but think of the horses that will benefit from being purchased, retrained and fed due to these partnerships.
    Thank you Susan!

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