Kentucky sophomore wins Saylor internship

Jenrette Romberg poses with Laertes at New Vocations. Audrey C. Crosby photo

Jenrette Romberg poses with Laertes at New Vocations. Audrey C. Crosby photo

A University of Kentucky sophomore with a talent for photography and communications has won this year’s Olivia M. Saylor internship at New Vocations Racehorse Adoption.

Jenrette Romberg, 19, a communications major from Georgia was selected for the paid four-month internship because of her experience in photography and web design, says Melissa King of New Vocations.

“She’s going to take a tremendous workload off my shoulders,” says King. “She’ll do everything from handling the flow of email, to helping with professional photo shoots of our horses, editing video, and being an extra set of hands around the barn.”

A skilled photographer in her own right, Romberg also developed  marketable experience in website design, most notably working on her mother’s graphic design site, King adds.

“She has a good eye and can look at a photo-shoot through the experience of a photographer,” King adds. “She’ll be able to help direct our photographers, and handle the horses so that their ‘good sides’ are played up.”

Romberg steps into a position that honors the memory of horseman Olivia M. Saylor, a young lady who loved her father’s racehorses. After she died in a fire in 2011, her father, a longtime friend to New Vocations,  established the internship.

Jumping in with both feet, Romberg says she was thrilled to earn the opportunity to work with New Vocations.

The longtime rider owns an Appendix named Major Alydar, the grandson of Alydar, and has been developing a growing appreciation for OTTBs as sport horses, she says. While drooling over the OTTBs listed for sale there, she learned of the internship and decided it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about Thoroughbreds and the business side of the horse business, she adds.

“Having this internship at New Vocations has already taught me a great deal about the business side of horse care as well as how to begin to train an OTTB,” she says. “The horses we get from the donors are wonderful and deserve to have a new loving home. It’s hard not to get attached to them, especially since I still would love to adopt one.”

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  1. Marilyn Ocock [your great Aunt]

    Congratulations Jenrette!

  2. Nicole

    That sounds like a dream internship! Congratulations to her!

  3. Jennifer N. Romberg

    This is such exciting news! As Jenrette’s mom, I am so happy to know she is blossoming in such an amazing place that offers a wonderful service in Lexington’s community. Congratulations Jenrette! I am looking forward to watching your career grow!

  4. GASafehorses

    Congratulations Jenrette…can’t wait to see your work with OTTB’s.

  5. Susan Crane-Sundell

    Congratulations Jenrette!

    Enjoy your time at New Vocations and we look forward to watching your career blossom as you work to help OTTBs!

  6. Sally

    Great story, Sue, it all takes a village, a real TEAM to help these amazing horses, doesn’t it?

  7. TBDancer

    Looking forward to seeing Jenrette’s contribution to the NV website and emails. I receive their information regularly and enjoy watching the videos and doing my own drooling ;o) What a fine tribute to Olivia M. Saylor, and what deserving recipient of this internship.

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