11 responses to “Donner takes 5th at Rolex, TBs rock it”

  1. Julie Cardwell

    I never would have believed I would be riding and loving an OTTB. My impression was they were all too high strung and crazy. I was wrong. They are incredible athletes, incredibly smart and willing. They will give you their heart. If you get the opportunity to get an off track TB go for it you won’t regret it.

  2. Linda R. Moss

    Such a wonderful and encouraging article!! And LOVED the photos!!!

    We are transitioning our 1st OTTB now and have hope that he too will be a great demonstration of Thoroughbreds in the sport horse community!

  3. Jon

    My wife and I have had up to 6 OTTB’s. So what if a few of them were spirited fire breathers? They made me ride better and pay attention to what my horse was telling me. If I wanted to go, they were ready. The OTTB mare that I learned to ride on was a failure as a race horse. On cross country she was a brave unstoppable force. Stopping was not in her mind.To her all all of the other OTTB’s we have or have had, I owe them thanks for all of the great hours in the saddle and the lessons they have taught me. Love your OTTB!

  4. Heidi Carpenter

    I love that first photo–it’s phenomenal! I’m so happy to see OTTBs making a comeback in the show arena. I remember when warmbloods were all the rage in the late 80s-90s. They were imported from Europe for untold sums of money and failed to perform as well as a $500 off-track Thoroughbred. And yes, TBs can be quirky, but bottom line is they want to please you and love having a job to do.

  5. Lisa Melone

    Awesome article–it’s true, they always have “gas in the tank” and never tire. Love my OTTB’s

  6. Janna Brown

    I love that photo of Donner and Lynn! I have four OTTBs and they are ALL special!

  7. Susan Crane-Sundell

    Wow! Look at Donner tuck! The concentration on both Lynn’s and Donner’s faces is pure poetry! It’s wonderful to see our OTTB’s going out and being triple threats where it matters. Can’t Fire Me and Becky owned that Dressage ring ans Pirate and Meghan look like they’re out for a romp! That smile says it all!

    Thank you for the article and it is great to see the overall athleticism of our racers on display where all the world can see them performing to their peak.

    Wendy Wooley your photography is stupendous and you really captured the joy and elegance of our OTTB’s and their partners!

  8. Diane Maroscia

    As a board member of a Thoroughbred rescue organization, Equine Encore, of Tucson, Arizona, I can tell you that Thoroughbreds are the bravest, most honest, and most talented of any horses I ever saw compete. Their sensitive natures may need a little coddling from time to time but you never have to carry them home, they carry you home. I can tell you this from experience after having ridden for nearly all of my more than 70 years.

  9. Jon

    People forget that Thoroughbreds are bred to be athletes. That is what they are. Warmbloods were bred to pull carts and wagons filled with goods.
    Look at the pictures in this article. Look at the eyes and faces of these atheletes, see the determination and drive that they have. That is the Thoroughbred athlete at work. You do not get that from anyother breed. Ride an TB or OTTB!

  10. Edie

    What a great story Sue!
    I came across this quote on a USA OTTB Adoption site (sorry can’t remember which one) but it rings so true with me …

    ‘You do not import perfection. You identify it despite an unlikely first impression. You heal it, polish it, love it and grow it. Perfection is a transformation, it cannot be purchased. Your perfect horse is waiting for you – do not overlook him. Please adopt or foster an OTTB.’

  11. syb miller

    they are just the BEST!!!!!!! this is shaping up to be a great year for OTTBs and let’s hope, for all horses at risk! pass the SAFE Act!

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