News Briefs: Two great racehorses pass on

Marquetry at Old Friends. Photo courtesy Old Friends

Marquetry at Old Friends. Photo courtesy Old Friends

Marquetry dies at Old Friends

Marquetry, a flashy chestnut who earned nearly $3 million on the track, was euthanized at Old Friends Feb. 1 after suffering a fatal accident in his stall, says Michael Blowen, president and founder of the Thoroughbred retirement facility in Georgetown, Ky.

The prized stallion, who was one of Blowen’s favorites, and was often featured in photographs alongside the charity’s president, was 26.

In a sad announcement, Bowen notes, “We have retired many great horses, but none will ever take his place.”

The silver lining was that his injury was discovered early, and the quick and careful response from veterinarians at the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute took away Marquetry’s suffering, he adds in a press release. A full necropsy report from veterinarians is due soon.

In life, Marquetry was a star.

He earned $2,857,886 in 36 career starts, and was a Grade 1 winner on both dirt and turf, according to the press release. His victories include the 1991 Hollywood Gold Cup Handicap (G1), the 1992 Eddie Read Handicap (G1), and the 1993 Meadowlands Cup Handicap (G1).

In his subsequent stud career, he fathered Breeders’ Cup winners and Eclipse sprint champions Artax (1999) and Squirtle Squirt (2001).

Ms. Stalwart at Our Mims. Photo by Cindy Evans

Ms. Stalwart at Our Mims. Photo by Cindy Evans

Ms. Stalwart is euthanized at Our Mims

Ms. Stalwart, the sweet-tempered dam of high-earning racehorses Stalwart Member and Mount Intrepid, was euthanized at Our Mims Retirement Haven on Jan. 28 because of complications of old age. She was 29.

The chestnut mare was born on May 15, 1984, and went on to race 29 times. She had 5 wins, 3 places, and 4 shows and earned a total of $79,740.

After her race career, she served as a broodmare to several successful racehorses, including Stalwart Member (1993), who was sired by Claramount and earned $783,807, and Mount Intrepid (1997), also sired by Claramount, who earned $398,306.

Ms. Stalwart was retired to Our Mims on Sept. 17, 2009, and quickly became one of the favorites of Our Mims Farm Manager Jeanne Mirabito.

“Ms. Stalwart will be remembered for her sweet disposition,” Mirabito says, adding, “It was an honor to have this mare in our lives.

Our Mims, a certified nonprofit since 2006, exists to offer a safe and happy retirement for aged mares and broodmares, according to a press release.

The Haven is home to Princess Royale, Bel’s Starlet, Cruella, Blue Viking, Lotka, Ms. Royal Flagship, Taba Dance, Trail Guide, and Dogwood Patty. Our Mims’ grandson, 1997 Breeders Cup Sprint winner Elmhurst, arrived in October of 2011.

9 responses to “News Briefs: Two great racehorses pass on”

  1. Nuala Galbari

    Blessings to Ms. Stalwart. She must have touched so many hearts during her sojourn here; she was a beautiful lady.

  2. Lisa Melone

    So sad to read about Marquetry’s passing. We have one of his fillies and had hoped to get down there to see him. From what I’ve seen and read, our Rolex Girl is a lot like him, personality-wise. There was a lovely tribute to him on FB.

  3. Jeanne Mirabito

    Old horses have a way of capturing your heart. No matter how old they are, whether you are expecting it or not, their passing leaves an incredible void.

    We just need to remind ourselves of all the lessons the old ones taught us while they were here. In this, we will honor their lives.

  4. Carmel

    My OTTB Carey Blue was sired by Marquetry. I’ve never had such a kind compassionate horse. She’s playful, loves people and looks out for my older mare. I’m sure she inherited these traits from her sire. I only got to meet Marquetry once and had hoped to see him again at some point. I’m so glad he had a good happy life at Old Friends. My heart goes out to them there as I know how terrible they must feel.

  5. Linda Moss

    We were so saddend by these losses – their spirits live on with us. My OTTB is a Chestnut – special spot in our hearts for these red-headed beauties!

  6. Leslie M. Kuretzky

    RIP Ms Stalwart and Marquetry. You will never be forgotten.

  7. Fran

    The absolute bond between Marquetry and Michael Blowen was one you had to see to believe. I was lucky enough to have seen it on several occasions while visiting Old Friends. Thinking back it brings a smile to my face and now tears as I know Michael has lost a special friend. Lucky man and lucky horse….

  8. Mary Adkins-Matthews

    Marquetry was a great horse in so many ways. To know him was to love him. Those that loved him will never forget him.. there is no way that you can.

  9. TBDancer

    It’s always sad when the great ones pass, particularly as Marquetry did after a sudden and catastrophic accident. I follow Old Friends Blog and Val has always written about Marquetry with such affection. Her tribute to him Friday was very touching. I did not know Ms Stalwart as a racehorse, but she also was one of the greats. She lived a long and happy life after the track, surrounded by people who cared for her very much. All racehorses should have such experiences. Those of us who love them do what we can for them, and when it is time to make The Decision–whether because of absolute necessity or just a quiet realization that it is now “time”–we step up and do that which is so very difficult. Marquetry and Ms Stalwart will be missed, but their contributions to the world of horseracing will keep their memories alive forever.

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