Fleet of Angels-on the way


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  1. Helen Smith

    This cover picture was September 30, 2012. This is how I spent my 54 th birthday. When we were contacted through Fleet of Angles to rescue-remove AfirLV, the 25y.o Arabian stallion who was basically being held hostage in a hellhole in upstate N.Y. Sundancer Farm & Rescue Inc. went the distance for this boy and made his life turn around in about 3 minutes, as he was in emminent danger, chained up to the wall by a 16″ piece of tow chain, and standing in his own urine and feces about 3-4 inches deep. We wasted no time in freeing him from the hellhole he was in, and he had to jump over the wheel of another trailer blocking the way out. He followed me right over the wheel cover, and very quickly and quietly headed for the trailer with Tim, Kristyn and myself. We loaded him up and went safely down the road a distance, called Kathryn to let her know he had been recovered safe and sound, and put a blanket on him as he was very thin, and away we all went to Sundancer Farm & Rescue Inc. where Afir spent 5 weeks recovering and building up his strength to make the last leg of his journey to his forever home in FL. During Afir’s time here, he gained weight steaily, and met the other horses at Sundancer Farm & Rescue Inc. We were happy to be such an integral part of his rescue, recovery and rehabilitation. All of us here at Sundancer Farm & Rescue Inc. are glad Afir is doing so well and we wish him and his forever family the best in the coming years.

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