Point Given sons wow mother-daughter team

Victoria with Bonus Point, left, and Point Blank

Not every kid can live up to his father’s success.

And this was especially true for the offspring of superstar racehorse Point Given, a powerhouse on the track who left huge hoof prints for his two sons to follow.

Point Given earned close to $4 million on the track, racking in multiple stakes wins, and taking first place in the 2001 Belmont Stakes and Preakness.

By contrast, Bonus Point had lifetime earnings just shy of $9,000, while Point Blank never earned a penny.

But to Victoria Bennett, who adopted the two Point Given sons, their affability under saddle, and puppy dog personalities were worth their weight in gold.

“Bonus Point came first. I got him exactly two days before Christmas, two years ago, as a present from my Mom,” Bennett says. “I found him on the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption website, and called my Mom and begged.

“He was with (horse trainer) Lisa Molloy at the time, but when I called her, she claimed that he had been sold.”

Race name: Bonus Point
Barn name: B.P.
Sire: Point Given
Dam: Dontclosemiaccount
Foal date: March 5, 2005
Race name: Point Blank
Sire: Point Given
Dam: Doubly Fun
Foal date: Feb. 3, 2008
What she didn’t realize was that her mother had secretly purchased the chestnut beauty as a surprise Christmas gift for her.

Three days later, the jig was up, and along came Bonus Point, “rolling into my driveway.”

From the get-go, Bonus Point was a pleaser. He never refused a jump, from those initial training sessions, when he lifted his feet and cleared whatever was asked. “He acted like he’d been jumping his whole life!”

In August he placed sixth in a 20-horse flat class, and two months ago a trainer made a point of congratulating the Bennett-Bonus Point team on their progress.

“He’s such a versatile horse! He’s so quiet he can do both Hunters and Jumpers, and at the barn, we can put little kids on him and lead him around,” she says.

Bennett was so enamored with Point Given’s offspring that when she happened upon another one of his sons, Point Blank, the mere sight of the large, 17.2-hand gelding hit her dead on, just like her first horse.

Point Blank with Victoria’s Mom, Heidi

“We found Point Blank in an Ohio barn where we went to check out a different horse, one we saw listed on the CANTER USA page. We drove five-and-a-half hours, one way, from our home in Tennessee to the barn,” she says.

The prospect they came looking for was a little more up than mother and daughter felt comfortable with, and their attention soon wandered to the stately four-year-old standing oh-so-quietly nearby.

“As soon as we went up to him, he reached out to us as if he was saying, ‘Hi. Please love me.’ ”

Mother and daughter welcomed the giant chestnut gelding and second son of Point Given they would own into their home, where he was soon introduced to his older brother, long since separated.  The two brothers got along great.

And the newest addition is so quiet that Bennett hopped on him bareback on only his second day home and has even posed for pictures, standing on his back.

The brothers, both bright chestnuts, have brought a touch of greatness to the family barn.

And while they never made it in the Thoroughbred racing game like their grand old sire, the delight and peace they’ve given instead, has bonded the mother and daughter to the lineage of a star.

Victoria jumps Bonus Point

The plan is for Victoria’s mom Heidi Rockhold to ride Point Blank to regain confidence lost from an earlier riding injury, while she will train Bonus Point for Hunters and Jumpers.

“These horses are amazing,” Bennett says. “I have such a bond with them already; I trust them with my life.”

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  1. Margaret

    Galloping Out is the thoroughbred retirement and rescue organization for Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course in Chicago. They work throught individual farms. The website is http://gallopingoutrescue.webs.com/

  2. Monica

    This is a wonderful story; God bless these two ladies for taking these two gentlemen into their hearts and homes. <3

  3. Edna

    Hi, I’m starting to look for an OTTB to do Jumpers with. Since I live in Wisconsin are there certain rehoming organizations I ought to consider? Some groups will only allow adoptions in certain states. What if I fall in love with a horse in Kentucky?

    1. Melissa P

      There are horse vanning companies that go all over the country. Sallee Vans and Hudsons spring to mind. Since Kentucky is the horse breeding capital of the country (and the world, really), there are always vans leaving Kentucky bringing mares to and from. They could certainly bring a horse to you. I would also consider CANTER Michigan! I recently went to an event they held where they have some wonderful OTTBs that are already well on their way to their second careers as hunter/jumpers (one amazing 3-year-old natural jumper gorgeous mover named Teddy springs to mind). Check them out on the web!

  4. Melissa P

    There’s a GORGEOUS son of Point Given who was saved by CANTER Michigan! He will never be more than a beautiful pasture pal or perhaps trail horse due to severe injuries in his last start, but this big gelding earned over $100,000 and his quiet, happy retirement. I sure wish I could adopt him.

  5. TBDancer

    The man who sold me my OTTB said, “Every horse needs groceries and a job to do.” The TB racehorse gets the groceries but sometimes doesn’t fit the job it is given. How wonderful that two handsome sons of one of the greats of racing have found jobs that fit them as perfectly as they fit their owners!

  6. Toni

    We are blessed to have a full brother and sister.. Two Punch x Syrian Dish. He is Cranberry Covet and her name is Rhema. They we loved him so much we stalked her until her racing career was over. Both bred by Barbara Ryan. They were like potato chips “you can’t have just one”

  7. Jon

    I have two full blood brothers. They are special and know it. Love an OTTB or two. Or in our case 4.

  8. Jennifer Poorman

    Two weeks ago we brought home a PG 3 year old. He’s almost 17 hands already but is the sweetest, quietest boy we’ve ever known. We met him back in April when he first started racing and it was love at first sight. He walked to the front of his stall, put his head down and leaned into my daughter for hugs and kisses. We vowed he would be ours someday. We followed his racing career and when it looked like he wasn’t meant for racing, we made an offer and brought him home soon after they gelded him. My daughter got on him after about a week, and he did everything she asked. She hand walks him around the property and he never blinks an eye at anything. He’s polite, kind, just all around wonderful. I’d get another one just like him, too, if I could!

  9. Suzie Birks

    This is a very touching story. It is so rewarding to know that these horses bring us so much more, after their days at the track. Thanks for taking the time to tell us.

  10. Victoria Bennett

    It turned out great! Thank you so much for doing this Susan! I will most definitely keep you updated with their progress! 🙂

  11. Janet Garcia - Gramas Cottage

    Brothers reunited and Point Blank is now a bit of gentle therapy for a once injured rider. What a wonderful family! It warms the heart to read these “success stories” about horses and humans and the relationships that sound so “meant to be” ! Thank you!

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