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Suffolk horse softens a bereft mother’s grief

When her athletic, young son slipped suddenly from her life, Janet King felt as if the air went rushing from her. “The wind went out of my sails,” she says. Her 22-year-old son Devin Kravitz had been such a constant in her life. Brimming with hope about his future as a police officer, he was eagerly preparing to join the police academy in his hometown of Charlton, Mass. And like his equestrian mother, he lived for sports as well. He played soccer and football as a youth and was a passionate dirt bike racer. But it is the hours he […]

Jackson is their black beauty from Camelot

Even in the unflattering photographs of auction horses at the Camelot Feedlot in NJ, the gleam of his dappled, healthy coat, and his fitness of form were apparent. Jackson stood out in a crowd. “He looked like a show horse,” says Sonia Stratemann. “He was sitting up in that auction” to potential meat buyers “all dappled up, with a pulled mane, looking amazing, like a classic Thoroughbred.” She went to bed that night, last October, and couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, wondering what the horse’s fate would be. Would a new owner snap him up or would he wind […]

Suffolk Showcase mare charms two buyers

The Connecticut equestrian and 4H Club leader was only there to look. But the big-striding Thoroughbred’s flashy features quickly made LeDoux forget her earlier promise to herself, not to buy. “She had a very Warmblood look with a nice angle to her croup and back end,” says Lisa LeDoux. “She looked like she was built to jump.” And she was big for a Thoroughbred. “Massive” in fact. To her and daughter Megan, the mare stood out from all the rest at the 2008 Suffolk Showcase. Not only was she put together beautifully, she was equally calm and pleasant natured. As […]