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Suffolk Showcase reject awes, inspires

“This horse has more jump in him than I could have imagined,” she says. “I had him assessed by two-time Olympian Michael Page, and he said my goal to bring him to a one-star 3-7 event was the least he (Zeus) could accomplish.”

A Whole Lot of Rosie blooms in new job

It was hardly love at first sight. In fact, Stacey Baszkiewicz wasn’t sure what she thought of the sassy granddaughter of Mr. Prospector when she tried her out last February. “When I got on her, I didn’t get that spark that so many people say they do,” she says. “There was a lot of room for improvement in that first ride and I was asking myself if I wanted a high-strung project horse.” She was mulling over her options on a snowy day in Connecticut, having driven two-and-a-half hours from Massachusetts to get there, when fate intervened. The owner offered […]

Jockey’s daughter heads to Preliminary on OTTB

Exploding across the finish line, jockey Marsha Spencer swept to victory in a hail of dirt and dust aboard Thoroughbred Uh Oh Pigeon. That was 1983, at the Charles Town Races. It would be her last race as a jockey. When the horse was settled back in a stall, and her tack was cleaned and put away, Spencer walked away from a hard-fought career riding Quarter Horses, and later, Thoroughbreds, at a time in racing history when few females had an opportunity compete in the predominantly male sport. Her experiences on the track could fill a novel. And they would […]