4 responses to “Raising the Bar, ex-racer challenges, rewards”

  1. Jessica Boyd

    Thanks, Ma.

    Susan, I go back and forth with the helmet thing. I actually have yet to hit my head (knock wood) and so.. I don’t know. It’s not a macho Western thing, either, just wondering if I would be okay ending up paralyzed like Christopher Reeves or??

    Katie wants to get me the gear the 3-Day eventers wear that inflates when you come off. 🙂

    My current plan is not to come off again. At least not for a good long while. And then somewhere soft. Like the beach. 🙂

  2. Joy Drennen

    Thank you for that wonderful article about my daughter. She is pretty stubborn about taking on challenges, and always has been. I have several funny stories about her childhood, but I’ll let her pass those along.

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