Welcome to Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Welcome to offtrackthoroughbreds.com. This blog will highlight the success of ex-racehorses who have moved into new careers in a multitude of disciplines. These stories have heart, and an old-fashioned happy ending. I am a former journalist who worked the last nine years as a marketing writer for a university. Increasingly, I have felt the tug to write about horses, specifically OTTBs who gamely move on to promising “next” careers. Owners who bring these horses home to re-start them on a different path speak so lovingly and excitedly of the progress they make. Horses, once super-fit racers, round out physically and technically as they clear jumps (in some cases) and hurdles (often) in the quest to begin anew.

8 responses to “Welcome to Off-Track Thoroughbreds”

  1. Teri

    hey Sue!

    Nice looking site. You did a nice job, simple, but with a sense of elegance that is in keeping with the thoroughbred breed:)

    suggestion: you might want to have a gallery/ preview box.. of what your upcoming story/stories will be. “teasers”. Maybe a box/ window for quick updates on the horses you have been covering in your stories… This way, these horses and stories have a continuing thread, rather than a single episode story, so to speak:)

    1. susansalk

      Hi Teri,
      That’s a great idea about the teaser boxes. We’ll be talking about your guys soon, right?!

  2. Susan Johnston

    Congrats on the new blog, Susan! The header image looks great. Isn’t it nice to have a creative outlet like this? Happy blogging!

    1. susansalk

      Susan, thank you! I’m really excited about this, lining up future stories, etc. My goal is 4/month. Plus, I’m reaching out to some biggies in the industry. It was nice seeing you in class. I overheard Trent congratulate you on a book. Very cool. 🙂 Sue

  3. Jason

    Hi Sue,

    Great job on the first blog entry. It seems like you’re having a lot of fun!

  4. James Stellar

    I will follow. As a non-rider, I do love horses and am interested to see how the lives turn out for thoroughbreds retired from the track. Also, I have a new appreciation for horses-rider communication after what you wrote about the phenomenon of joining up for my blog (www.otherlobe.com) on enhancing student learning in higher education by joining classical academic work to experiences beyond the classroom.

    1. susansalk

      As we discussed in your blog, http://www.otherlobe.com, learning takes place in so many ways. Animals reveal a lot about who we are as people, in my opinion, and thoroughbreds are astute teachers.

  5. Daphne

    You go girl! I meant to tell you I love this idea. Can’t wait to read the blog!!

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