Photo of the Week

Social Lies carries Jessica Earhart on a hunt.

Photo of the Week: Goodwilled TB hunting

Behavioral graces were not exactly the forte of Social Lies when he first set hoof on the dignified foxhunting fields of Virginia. This bay-colored bad boy came spinning, and rearing onto the scene, looking as though he was back on the racetrack, says his doting owner Debra Earhart, 63. “The first time I took him cubbing, he reared, twisted and turned like he thought he was going to have to run a race,” she says. “I’d keep him as far away from everybody else, and I never did anything but sit there. Sometimes I’d sit on his back for 20 […]

Isa My Love retired to sunny New Mexico with former law enforcement officers Bruce and Sandy Carr.

Photo of the Week: King of his domain

Four years ago, Sandy and Bruce Carr “fled the rains” of Seattle, and the pressures of dual law enforcement careers, to retire on a small, sun-drenched ranch in New Mexico. And shortly thereafter, another retiree completed the picture. Isa My Love, nicknamed Easy, had been retired to Texas horse charity LoneStar Outreach to Place Ex-Racers (LOPE) with small bone chips in his legs when the Carr family happened upon him while on holiday. While visiting their daughter in Austin, Sandy Carr decided to plug in the phrase “off-track Thoroughbred” into an online search, and up popped the charity, and her future […]

Silver and Smoke was rescued by the South Florida SPCA two years ago. Now  under the careful watch of her original breeder, she is enjoying the last months of pregnancy.

Photo of the Week: Rescue mare is fat & happy

A Thoroughbred mare so thin at the time of her rescue that her coat looked like a “rag thrown over a coat hanger” has blossomed on her way to motherhood. Silver and Smoke, under the care of her original breeder Danzel Clarke Brendemuehl, recuperated so well after her rescue in 2013 that Brendemuehl decided to preserve the bloodline along with the mare. The decision was made after months of rehabbing the animal who fell into bad hands, and was rescued by the South Florida SPCA, Brendemuehl said in an earlier article. Please see that story here: After weeks of […]