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Tamio Holmes became a professional farrier after discovering a natural talent at the James River Work Center in Virginia. Pictured with Secretariat’s grandson, Covert Action. Debby Thomas Photography

Horses helped him prosper after 2 prison stays

A twice-convicted Virginia man who once cried in his cell with despair, found his path to the American Dream—self-respect, love, a thriving business—soon after he seized hold of a beautiful Thoroughbred. And that horse, a grandson of the great Secretariat, helped the inmate right his own ship and sail toward a better day. The life transformation began for two-time offender Tamio Holmes of Louisiana the day he stepped up to the horse trailer bearing bay racehorse Covert Action. The door opened. Covert walked down the ramp. And Holmes stepped up to take hold of the lead rope and walk with the sweet-tempered […]