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Open Zipper walks with her foal Faith in a Goshen, N.Y. foster home. Zipper, who has a left, front knee injury and gait problems, was heavily pregnant when she was rescued from the slaughter pipeline in February.

Crippled kill-pen broodmare finds sanctuary

A crippled kill-pen horse who was heavily in foal when she was purchased by a meat buyer in February, driven two hours to a collection facility for slaughter-bound horses, and then miraculously saved, has been offered lifetime sanctuary in Massachusetts, along with her month-old filly. Christina Sawelsky, a registered nurse and experienced caretaker of five OTTBs she has adopted over the years from the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, stepped up to offer broodmare Open Zipper and her foal Faith a home, without hesitation. “Just the fact that she was dumped at auction, heavily in foal, and barely made it out of […]