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A week after the South Florida SPCA rescued six Thoroughbred broodmares, including Hope, a friendship was made.

A 2nd chance for rescued mare & new owner

Her coat bleached red in the Florida sun, her body sapped from starvation, the mare was tired when she rested her head against the chest of SPCA volunteer Susie Martell, and made a friend for life. “Something just drew me to her. She was the skinniest of all the mares the SPCA had rescued in June … and there was a sweetness in her that I was taken with right away. Every time I went out to her paddock, she would walk up to me and rest her head on me,” Martell says. “I fell in love with her right […]

Emma (JC: Sunny Emblem) gets a lesson in bravery from cancer survivor and former exercise rider Janice Norwesh.

Cancer survivor teaches a rescued OTTB bravery

Janice Norwesh yanked a red “Saratoga” cap down over her bald head, swung her cancer-weary body into the saddle of a New Holland rescue horse, and set off to help the mare move on with her life, unafraid. After completing successful chemotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer, the long-retired gallop girl, who rode many greats in her heyday including a Belmont Stakes winner, decided to return to the saddle to help OTTB mare Sunny Emblem. Sunny, whose nickname is Emma, was rescued in 2011 from the New Holland Auction by Izzy’s Love Equine Rescue in Maryland, and adopted eight months later […]

Boyd Martin will compete OTTB Blackfoot Mystery at Rolex this month. Photo by Jenni Autry

‘Thoroughbred people’ come on strong at Rolex

Though the international marketplace is carefully producing sport horses specifically bred to compete at the highest levels in Eventing, the OTTB is holding its own against steep competition, says Steuart Pittman, Thoroughbred advocate, trainer and expert. And nowhere is this more evident than at the upcoming Rolex Three-Day, (April 28-May1), the country’s only four-star Event. Not only have OTTBs held their ground in terms of sheer numbers at the competition—21 off-track Thoroughbreds and eight purebred Thoroughbreds are set to compete—but the riders who chose to make the scene on the back of an ex-racehorse are truly impressive, says Pittman, founder […]