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Gold Deputy has changed the life of his human family.

An OTTB transforms life for grumpy husband

A bright chestnut gelding who raced 70 times without ever hitting a big payday proved to be the golden ticket for a family in search of a happier life. In the most unexpected, even funny plot twist, the Thoroughbred purchased by Christine and Don Egidio in 2001 as a riding horse for their young sons wound up instead inspiring Don Egidio to give up his tedious career as an IT professional to pursue a life with animals, a life never before imagined. “The funniest thing is that before we adopted Gold Deputy, my husband had never even been around horses,” […]

Roy's Remedy and Jenny Manuelli  of California do lunch.

Photo of the Week: Let’s do lunch

Jenny Manuelli and her OTTB Rambo (JC: Roy’s Remedy) share a love of Taco Bell bean burritos. So, a couple of years ago Jenny decided to show her 15-year-old bay Thoroughbred where the human “feed bin” was. Patiently and calmly, Rambo lined up with other hungry patrons at the order window at her busy California Taco Bell. And it was like he knew there’d be a big reward for lining up with the cars and trucks! “He was awesome!” says Manuelli of Waterford, Calif. “My big, scary OTTB … went right up to the ordering screen, waited patiently for the […]

Joan Dunlap can't believe her eyes as she reunites with Mynah's Boy this summer in Pennsylvania.

Injured racehorse makes it out of Puerto Rico

Mynah’s Boy stood on a doubled-bowed tendon at the Puerto Rico racetrack, a place where it’s said that a mediocre racehorse hasn’t a prayer in hell of making it back across the Atlantic Ocean. His future held two possibilities: a good death, or a bad death, says Joan Dunlap, a Pennsylvania woman who spent six sad, exhausting months beating her head against the wall as she tried and failed to raise funds to get the gelding, a son of her very own cherished OTTB Mynah, to safety and properly retired. “I was thinking it wasn’t going to happen, and I […]