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Danzel, pictured on her track pony Cooper, staples a card to the Jockey Papers of the horses she sells: If the horse doesn’t work out, she will pay twice the meat price and shipping to bring the horse home.

Breeder takes starved T-bred home, in tears

When the broodmare Quiddich, whose name was derived from the Harry Potter books, delivered a delicate gray filly, her breeder Danzel Brendemuehl knew that life wouldn’t necessarily be a fairy tale for the little foal she named Silver and Smoke. Because the proprietor of Classic Bloodstock Farm knew that bad things could happen to racehorses, she stapled a card to Silver and Smoke’s Jockey Club papers promising to the horse back. As she had done with all her horses, she also promised in the note to pay double the meat price at a livestock auction, and to cover the shipping […]