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Cappy and Lord have spent many quite moments like this, relaxing, and hanging out.

He kept his pain a secret, a stoic T’bred

Cappy never let on he was in pain. In show after show, the 7-year-old bay Thoroughbred The Capt.’s Reddie carried his young owner higher and higher, wrapping up their 2010 dressage season with a prestigious finish as reserve champion. Even after Augusta Lord packed up the ribbons and had begun training her fine horse for more, Capt.’s Reddie seemed only a little stiff and mildly unhappy. The Capt.’s Reddie Barn name: Cappy Sire: Saint Reddie Dam: Capt Golden Girl Foal date: April 10, 2002“We started to have minor training difficulties,” Lord says, “and everyone suggested I start injecting him. But, […]