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Jo Jo's Gypsy was rescued in late August by Jeanne Mirabito of Our Mims Retirement Haven in Kentucky. The emaciated mare was among 40 seized by authorities. Jo Jo and Mirabito's granddaughter Kaylee, 6, have become fast friends.

To a wasted t’bred comes everything good

Fine veterinary care, good food, and an embarrassment of choice blankets, all bought and paid for by donors, have helped turn around the life of a Thoroughbred who was destined for the grave four months ago. Jo Jo’s Gypsy was a “walking skeleton” in late August when Jeanne Mirabito of Our Mims Retirement Haven says she couldn’t sign the abandoned mare’s death warrant, and she took her in. Needing another horse like a hole in the head, Mirabito couldn’t turn her back on the incredibly sweet animal who loved people, and whose doe brown eyes melted her heart. And despite […]