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No More Rings was racing at Mountaineer about 100 days before he was doing this at the Ultimate X Trainer Challenge.

T-bred leaps fire with gun-shooting rider, wins

After 100 days of training, a spirited ex-racehorse said to possess a “fighting spirit” went from the backside of Mountaineer Race Track to “diving around” barrels and leaping a flaming jump. No More Rings and his rider and trainer Nicole Valeri, 20, of Pinnacle Stables in Pennsylvania, decided to do something with a “wow factor” when they competed Sept. 5 at the annual Ultimate X Showdown, a trainer competition for Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. Valeri and Rings burst through mock saloon doors at a gallop, swooping into a boisterous arena where country music blared, and as Valeri fired off her gun, Annie […]