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Midnight Parade was rescued by the South Florida SPCA in November 2012 after she ran from the East Everglades area towing a 150-gallon planter tied to her halter.

Mare flees Everglades towing 150-gallon urn

Sweating in fear, Midnight ran as though the demons of hell bit at her heels. Bursting from the murk of another mysterious Thoroughbred life gone wrong, she raced in the night, putting as much space as she could between herself and a terrifying past. As she streaked through the East Everglades like a warhorse avoiding death in a battlefield, she towed a 150-gallon plastic planter, which had been tied to her halter. The large object, which must have bounced and crashed as it trailed out beside her, and gouged at the earth, only driving her onward. She ran with fear […]