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Ex-racehorse Davy Jones, who became the family pet and Eventing prospect for Mellisa Davis Warden, died suddenly this week from colitis. He is shown carting her daughter around after a cross-country ride.

Brave to the end, Davy Jones dies fighting

In the end he died like the warrior he had been in life. Wracked with severe colitis that rapidly spread deadly infection throughout a figure of a horse so fine that even in the hours before death he stood defiant and beautiful, refusing to buckle, willing his body to stand. “Any warrior would have been proud of him,” says his grieving owner Mellisa Davis Warden. “He fought and he just kept on fighting. I heard him snorting and pawing, and later, his doctor came to me and said, ‘Horses don’t come here this sick. This horse is very, very sick, […]