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Dale Simanton and Drake's Dancer will do this at Pimlico Racecourse. Photo by  Dorothy Snowden

Who let the cows out? Get ready Pimlico!

The Retired Racehorse Training Project’s national symposium planned for the Pimlico Racecourse will feature re-trained ex-racehorses demonstrating skills in traditional Western disciplines, including cow cutting. That’s right. Cow cutting. “When one of our trainers, Dale Simanton, requested some cattle for his demonstration at Pimlico, we all thought he was kidding,” said RRTP president Steuart Pittman. “We didn’t think our friends at Maryland Jockey Club would let cattle anywhere near their racetrack, but we were wrong. “So we had a conference call with Dale and his crew and decided he should not bring just one ranch horse, he should bring as […]

Sassy gets a kiss from her newest fan

OTTB convert wins barrel race wearing a sling

A 21-year-old Pennsylvania woman, while bracing against the ache of a separated collarbone, rode Thoroughbred ex-racehorse Bayside Sassy to victory this month in the First Annual Extreme Retired Racehorse Makeover Barrel Race. Despite warnings from doctors who said the slightest bump could cause her bone to pierce through her flesh, Lacey Tomasik refused to back out of a competition that pitted horse trainers like herself, and off-track Thoroughbred partners, against one another in a unique demonstration of a Western discipline traditionally populated by Quarter Horses. After conquering her own doubts about Thoroughbreds competing in the traditional Quarter Horse sport, and […]

Hip Number 521 is safe and headed to Vermont farm for TLC

Texas oilman John Murrell saves another one

Unremarkable as the coat of fur he wore like a brown paper wrapper, the plain bay Thoroughbred passed unnoticed and unremarked upon from the New Holland Auction to the hands of a meat buyer. While he stood meekly in a Pennsylvania kill pen, awaiting transport to the slaughterhouse, someone who keeps an eye out for slaughter-bound racehorses noticed. Working quickly for SunDew Saves Horses, an intermediary organization that connects horses purchased by meat buyers to rescue organizations, the woman gently put her hands on the horse’s soft, rubbery muzzle, and peeked underneath his lip. Revealed in an instant was the […]