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Tenley, 2, rides OTTB Tall Glass

An Ontario OTTB teaches 2-year-old to ride

The year-old child let her hand slide through the tantalizingly soft coat of the tall Thoroughbred. Sitting in a specially fitted saddle with handlebar, the wee Ontario child named Tenley leaned toward the front of the saddle, and reached her hands through the ex-racehorse’s silky black mane and down to his soft, smooth withers. Instantly, Tenley hooked on horses, and 12-year-old ex-racehorse Kadin, who was already impressively showing for his owner Edie Urbasik and her daughter Kayla, got yet-another post-racing job: lesson pony for a pint-size rider! To those who scoff at Thoroughbred ex-racehorses, who call them crazy, un-trainable or […]