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OTTB Dustin’s Dreamer is often in the ribbons for owner Fran Burns

All Thoroughbred show season heats up

Author’s note: This story was originally published on January 25, 2013. Building on the success of last year’s blockbuster all-Thoroughbred horse show season, an alliance has been forged among Thoroughbred welfare organizations, trainers, and racing officials to collaborate on developing bigger, better show venues for Thoroughbred sport horses. A series of eight all-Thoroughbred shows will be held from April through October to honor the regal ex-racehorse sport horse, according to Fran Burns, a Thoroughbred advocate and newly appointed member of Thoroughbred Alliance Show Series. The show series is galvanized by the overwhelming popularity of three signature Thoroughbred shows last year: MidAtlantic Horse […]

Ann Banks stays positive working with horses

The birthright of a powerful Dad—deep integrity

Years after her father’s death, Ann Banks was reading the five-term Congressman’s political speeches when she found, scribbled in the margins, words that for her resonate as well today as they did for her father when he wrote them. It was in the 1950’s that longtime New Jersey Rep. and State Supreme Court Judge Steven B. Derounian, while investigating the famous Quiz Show scandal of that time, scrawled a message to himself, which read, “Courage to oppose, foresight to propose.” Described by the New York Times as a “champion of personal and public integrity,” Derounian had earned a Purple Heart […]

Hawser shown here in a van at New Holland. Photo courtesy Sonja Meadows

Hawser now with Steuart Pittman’s sister

Hawser has a knack for landing on his feet. Last October, standing in a trailer at the New Holland Auction, a place where horses are routinely sold into the slaughter pipeline, the end seemed certain. But the ever-vigilant Thoroughbred rescue activist Sonja Meadows spotted the chestnut in a careworn red halter, reached in, flipped the frightened animal’s lip, and snapped a picture of his identifying tattoo. With no time to spare, she contacted California-based Thoroughbred advocate Deb Jones, and from there Hawser’s journey was eventually re-directed to the sprawling training facility of Steuart Pittman. (Please see earlier story). Pittman, the […]