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I can do this... © Barry Bornstein

Mosaic Racing Stable preps horses for next careers— while they race train!

Jaws dropped when he entered the track. It wasn’t his size, although he measures 17 hands. Or his beauty,  undeniably radiating from his well-muscled body and expressive, delicate face. What caused a stir as Circuitous entered the Aiken, S.C. training track was the perfect balance and poise exhibited by the working racehorse, who, on the side, was being taught by a three day eventer to carry himself correctly. As he powered by in a perfect three-beat rhythm, a dressage instructor, who happened to be there that day, exclaimed, “There goes an amazing canter!” His composure reflects a big idea coming […]

Reinert and a naughty yearling

Gallop girl rounds corner, turns phrase

From the first head-cracking tumble from a spirited racehorse, Natalie Reinert’s novel The Head and Not the Heart romps through the life of slightly obsessed racetrackers who rise at 4 a.m. to face the uncertainty, and occasional calamity, of a new day in the Thoroughbred world. With a journalistic writing style that puts you there— in the shed row, at the track on a frigid day, and in the early morning hours when no sane person should be awake— Reinert tells the tale of fictional characters Alex and Alexander, and their exceptionally hard work managing a racehorse farm. Alex is […]

Saving 600 horses, with bootstraps and gusto

For years, the racetrack gallop girl and talented horse trainer wished she could help them. The thought of it nagged at her. Whether she was sitting on the back of a frantic, green Thoroughbred prepping for a race career, or working at Delaware Park, where she and her husband owned racehorses, the thought would come rushing to her: I have to do something.  “Everyone knew what happened to Thoroughbreds after racing,” says Beverly Strauss, cofounder of Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue. She spoke of those times before a groundswell of goodwill had given rise to myriad federal nonprofit re-homing and retraining […]